A Certificate Of The Initiative : Solutions For Replanting Robusta Coffee With Soil Rotation

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A certificate of the initiative: Solutions for replanting Robusta coffee with soil rotation: Mr Nguyen Xuan Thai, General Director of Thang Loi Coffee One Member Co., Ltd., has just received the Certificate of Initiative “Solutions for replanting Robusta coffee with soil rotation” from the Department of Science and Technology of the Dak Lak province.

Replanted coffee garden’s first year.

The re-cultivation of Robusta coffee will be carried out using a rotation of short-term crops (maize) for the first two years to switch the host plant, eliminate parasite infections that harm the roots of the coffee tree, and provide income for workers, according to the initiative’s content.

To improve organic matter and soil fertility, we will plant yellow cassia in the third year (growing two crops). Then start growing coffee. The Department of Science and Technology claims that this program has several advantages. Especially the well-developed, stable, and high-yielding replanted coffee, which has the prerequisites for generating new Robusta coffee kinds.

More than 100 acres of coffee have been newly planted using this strategy, according to Mr Nguyen Xuan Thai. Who added that the idea has been used at the company since 2005. Results vary from 98 – 99 per cent for the proportion of alive and fully formed plants. Which typically produce more than 4 tons of kernels per ha.

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