The benefit of coffee: How to drink coffee for health? Create your own coffee drinking habits below to ensure health benefits.

Drink coffee for health

Always drink water first
The body after a deep sleep needs to be awakened by a glass of warm water to awaken all senses naturally. Coffee should only come after the body is sufficiently hydrated.
Choose clean coffee
Choose coffee that is carefully roasted, not chemically treated. To make coffee a healthier drink for the body and mind, organic coffee is recommended as it contains no pesticides compared to other conventional coffees. Drinking poor quality coffee not only affects your current mood but in the long run will adversely affect cardiovascular and neurological health.
Pay attention to calories
A cup of pure coffee contains only 5-8 calories. However, adding milk, cream, sugar and flavor can quickly add up to hundreds of calories. Using light and low-fat cream powder helps better control sugar intake.
Avoid sweeteners and flavorings
Not only does it increase fat-burning calories, but artificial flavors and sweeteners also affect digestion and health. Make sure you are enjoying a clean cup of coffee, with a natural aroma.
Grind your own coffee at home
Blending and mixing yourself is the best way to retain the antioxidants, rest assured about the origin and quality of this drink every day.
Natural food supplement
Drinking coffee with cinnamon powder or cardamom spice powder increases the antioxidant content, which is beneficial for health. In addition, you can also add cocoa powder to enhance the taste and nutrients.
Drink with coconut oil
Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your morning cup of coffee to increase the amount of Omega-3 in this drink, although the taste is relatively difficult to drink.
Do not drink on an empty stomach
Starting the day on an empty stomach, coffee alone will lead to a sharp drop in blood sugar, and make you crave food for a long time. In addition, many people experience dizziness and coffee intoxication if they are not used to drinking concentrated coffee on an empty stomach. Should drink coffee after enjoying a delicious and nutritious breakfast.
Stop drinking coffee before 2 pm
Drinking coffee after lunch is not a good idea unless you want to stay up all night. Drinking coffee before noon will help you stay awake and not tossed at night. Coffee is a stimulant, on the one hand, it can help you wake up quickly, on the other hand, it makes you sleepless all night.
Limit the number of drinks per day
Coffee addicts drink between 5 and 10 cups of coffee a day, breaking the rule of healthy coffee drinking. If you are in this situation, try to cut back to 1-2 cups per day. Instead, drink plenty of water and add fruit juices


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