Cappuccino – “Unisex” Coffee Captivates The World

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Cappuccino “Unisex” Coffee Captivates The World: Cappuccino has spread worldwide in recent years. Initially from Europe through Australia, to North America and increasingly spread. Nowadays, you can buy cappuccinos in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand… and even Vietnam. Women and men love cappuccino; it can be called “unisex coffee”.

Cappuccino, since when? (coffee)

Many people think this is a “new” drink of modern times, referring to Cappuccino. But in fact, it dates back hundreds of years; it pleases Italians and continental Europe. Until the 1980s, it began to be popular in the US and captured Americans’ love.

Before Cappuccino, Europeans also drank coffee in the traditional Ottoman style. Coffee is made by boiling water and coffee beans, sometimes adding a little sugar depending on taste. This brewing method is similar to today’s Turkish coffee (Turkey Coffee).

By the late 1700s, the British and French began to enjoy the ground and filtered coffee. Gradually, this way of drinking became more popular and preferred over boiled coffee before.

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Cappuccino is a drink that has been around for a long time

History of the name Cappuccino

The origin of the Cappuccino is “Kapuziner” this name appears in cafes in Vienna. Since 1805, “Kapuziner” has been defined as coffee with cream and sugar. Then there are other variations such as mixing with milk and honey to add sweetness to the coffee. They also served a crescent-shaped dessert, which was the croissant of the future.

There is a theory that the name of coffee comes from the name of the Capuchin monks. The color of the monks’ robes is similar to the brown color of a kapuziner. And Capuchin in Italian means hood of a cloak.

The cappuccino we now enjoy was officially popularized in the 20th century. In 1910, the Cappuccino machine was invented by Luigi Bezzera. We were making Cappuccino has never been easier. By the 1950s, Cappuccino was almost a global beverage.

What is Cappuccino? (perfumes)

Cappuccino is a trendy drink originating from Italy. This is a drink made with a mixture of espresso and hot milk. A traditional Italian is usually made with one shot of espresso (or sometimes two shots) with hot whipped milk and milk foam in a 1:1:1 ratio. Americans vary based on this recipe but use more whipped milk and foam. So the espresso flavor becomes light but deep.

How’s the taste? (Dakota)

A perfect Cappuccino will have a wonderful texture and unique taste. That’s why it captivated the world.

The rich coffee flavor will wake you up immediately when taking a sip of hot Cappuccino. But you will never be bothered by the bitter taste of coffee. Because right after that, the sweetness from the lactose in milk will comfort you right away. Unexpectedly, the fatty taste of the smooth milk foam will lift you to another level of flavor sublimation. No matter what mood you’re in can completely pull you into the bright zone of feeling happy.

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Cappuccino – “Unisex” Coffee Captivates The World

Some people who like sweets will add sugar when enjoying coffee. You should use brown sugar for a better taste than white sugar. Besides, some Baristas also add syrup, chocolate powder, or cinnamon … for a very different flavor.

It sounds simple, but to have a “heart-stopping” cup of Cappuccino, the Barista must have knowledge, techniques, and skills. Having a sound mixer and knowing how to use it is not enough because it’s just an “instrument,” It always needs a good “musician” to have good music.

How to enjoy it?

In Italy, the origin of Cappuccino is, of course, a popular drink in this romantic country. Italian breakfast always has a cup of coffee; they usually have it with a traditional dish or a cake. It’s almost like a good morning Italian culture. Other European fans typically enjoy this coffee to start the day.

Meanwhile, Americans can drink Cappuccino all day, sometimes after dinner, as a dessert drink.

Depending on personal preferences and habits, people will make it at home or in a shop if they want their coffee to be more beautiful and delicious.

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