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The role of bees in coffee cropsCoffee & Environment

The role of bees in coffee crops

The role of bees in coffee crops: When coffee is devoid of bees. Discover why bees produce 40% of the world's coffee. If you like coffee, you will appreciate bees. You are undoubtedly aware that Arabica (Coffea arabica) and Robusta (Coffea canephora) are the two most significant and popular coffee varieties. [caption id="attachment_23898" align="aligncenter" width="1350"] Fig1. The role of bees in coffee crops[/caption] Arabica is a coffee varietal native to the highlands between 1,200 and 1,500 meters in elevation. They are self-pollinating and …
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Coffee Growers: They Don’t Laugh That Much!

Coffee Growers: They Don’t Laugh That Much! Let’s do a simple experiment before reading this article. Try to Google the image and search for the word “Coffee Farmer” to see what happens. Unexpectedly, in just 0.67 seconds, 136 million results appeared. And 99% of those images are the bright smile of the farmer next to his coffee garden. But the truth is: They Don’t Laugh That Much! Coffee farmers are extremely hard. But sadly, few people know about their struggles in making coffee beans. Images are still images. As …

What Causes The Acidity Of Coffee?

When acidity is mentioned in the taste of coffee, it's often misunderstood. It's as if you were biting into a slice of lemon with a sour, sharp, sharp and relatively unpleasant sensation. But in the context of coffee, " acidity " is often a desirable characteristic. With a well-balanced coffee, the acidity feels like you're biting into an apple. So, let's learn together with Helena about what causes the acidity of coffee originates? Acidity properties of coffee Many factors affect the acidity of coffee, including seed source, farming method, …
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Specialty Coffee Revolution – Helena Coffee Vietnam | Helena., JSC

Specialty Coffee Revolution - One of the greatest revolutions of the coffee industry is Specialty Coffee. However, we have tried to spread the word about not calling Specialty Coffee "Specialty Coffee" because of its flaws. When translating directly into Vietnamese, a concept covers many aspects of the coffee industry. But with the role of providing an overview of the history of Specialty Coffee from its inception to reaching its saturation point, specialty coffee is seen as a "romanticized" way of …
are-coffee-grounds-good-for-plants-and-flowersCoffee & Environment

Are coffee grounds good for plants and flowers?

Are coffee grounds good for plants and flowers? Are coffee grounds good for plants and flowers? Plant fertilization is a crucial part of houseplant maintenance. And there are several natural fertilizers that you may have considered trying. Many people wonder if it is feasible to fertilize home plants using coffee grounds. Can you use coffee grounds to fertilize houseplants? – Coffee grounds can be used to fertilize indoor plants. But it’s best to compost with them first. Applying coffee grounds directly to houseplant soil …