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Northwest Vietnam Coffee – Special Arabica Coffee

Northwest Vietnam Coffee - Most people associate Vietnamese coffee with the Central Highlands. Not everyone is aware that this plant has been growing in the northern mountainous region for over a century and contributes significantly to the country’s specialty coffee scene. Vietnamese coffee culture coffee  What factors influence Vietnamese coffee culture? That could be due to a love of coffee, a preference for certain types of coffee, or a preference for certain types of coffee shops. After Brazil and Columbia, Vietnam is the …
Cau Dat Coffee Origin The Best Resources of Arabica In VietnamVietnam Coffee Plantation Area

Cau Dat Coffee Origin: The Best Resources of Arabica In Vietnam

Cau Dat Coffee Origin: Vietnam is a famous country for growing and exporting Robusta, the second largest producer in the world after Brazil (Vietnam - 1.78 million tons compared to Brazil's 3.36 million tons in 2016 data). Meanwhile, Arabica, which is considered the best quality coffee in the world (compared to Robusta), the Vietnamese name is barely known. However, few people know that in Vietnam there is still a place located in the highlands, which is known as the paradise …
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Khe Sanh Coffee Origin – Specialty Coffee Of Quang Tri Vietnam

Khe Sanh Coffee Origin – Specialty Coffee Of Quang Tri Vietnam. When people talk about Quang Tri, they commonly mention Khe Sanh Arabica coffee, a local specialty. Because Khe Sanh coffee has its own distinct quality, it is difficult to mistake because of its bitter aftertaste, ranging from mild bitterness to a seductive aroma to a bitter flavor and passionate perfume. In the sunny and windy region of Quang Tri, that is the distinctive color of Khe Sanh coffee. Central Vietnam’s coffee …