Catimor Coffee – Vietnamese coffee for import & export | Helena., JSC: Catimor is the result of a cross between the Timor Hybrid and the Caturra. In Central America, Catimor is also known as T8667, with its strong resistance to Coffee Leaf Rust.

It is important to note that, contrary to common belief, ” Catimor” is not a separate breed. Instead, this is a group of many different varieties of similar origin: Anacafe 14, Citisic, Costa Rica 95, Fronton, T5175, T8667,..

Catimor Coffee – Vietnamese coffee for import & export | Helena., JSC: Catimor Coffee – In Da Lat, Vietnam – by Michael

Groups like  Catimor and  Sarchimor are understood to be Arabica varieties that are not “pure” because they possess some genetic traits from another species – mainly  C. canephora  ( Robusta ). The verbatim of this term is  Introgressed  – ie near-sex hybrid, also known as close-breed hybrid).

Similar to a brother – the Sarchimo variety (typically with the T5296 coffee plant ) with the same father is the Timor Hybrid associated with the early days of the Central American Regional Coffee Alliance (PROMECAFE) – established in 1978 with the Funded by USAID’s Regional Office for Central America (ROCAP) and the Institute of Agronomy Campinas (IAC) in Brazil in response to the threat posed by the recent emergence of coffee leaf rust in the region.

The detailed history of the Catimor. breed group

From 1958 to 1959, the Portuguese Institute for Coffee Research (Centro Agronomico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza) abbreviated as CIFC, famous for its research on coffee leaf rust, received a lot of beans. Timor Hybrid varieties from the island of East Timor ( Timor Hybrid is a natural hybrid between C. Arabica and C. Robusta, which appeared naturally on the island of Timor in the 1920s). The genetics from Robusta gives Timor very good resistance to rust.

Coffee varieties Timor Hybrid (1)
Coffee variety Timor Hybrid

From the two seed lots received by the CIFC, breeders in Portugal began working to create new coffee varieties that are disease resistant, yet compact in stature to improve top yield. a cultivated area. One of the above Timor Hybrids, called HDT CIFC 832/2, was crossed with the compact Caturra variety to produce different hybrids:

  • Caturra red CIFC 19/1 x HDT CIFC 832/1 = HW26
  • Caturra red CIFC 19/1 x HDT CIFC 832/2 = H46
Catimor Coffee – In Da Lat, Vietnam – by Michael

After some initial testing at IAC – Brazil, the hybrids were called “Cat Catoror”. These early hybrids were born right during the appearance of rust in the Americas. So it wasn’t long before the Catimor varieties had undergone extensive selection in various parts of Latin America and were dispersed around the world. In Malawi, the Coffee Plant Research Unit there used five cultivars of Catimor. In Papua New Guinea, six lines of Catimor were selected and put into cultivation.

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