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We consume two billion cups of coffee every day. While each cup has its own unique story, certain vital similarities help illustrate how the coffee value chain operates.

SCA (sca coffee systems) has established a dynamic and expansive system map to improve the coffee story with the input of numerous value chain stakeholders.

SCA (sca systems map) systems arose from the operational guiding system of the SCA Price Crisis Response Initiative’s attitude and methodology. The systems approach changes the focus away from the individual pieces of the system and toward how the parts are arranged, understanding that the interactions between the components are dynamic and dynamic. This method presupposes that change is non-linear and occurs in various periods and levels specialty coffee association.


This map illustrates the intricacy of the speciality coffee industry’s key players and actions, highlighting the complexity of this global value-creating ecosystem and analyzing previously invisible agents to tell more tales specialty coffee industry.

The most identifiable activities of the speciality coffee value chain are depicted in the map’s centre column. Each activity is associated with a primary agent, whose name frequently mirrors the verb — farmer-by-farmer, roasting-by-roaster—but can also include other agents. In some cases, the same actor is active in multiple activities spatial data science.

The additional agents that help the coffee’s trip and stages of transformation are depicted on the map’s outer ring coffee price crisis.

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