Dry Peaberry Coffee And Honey Peaberry Coffee

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Dry Peaberry Coffee And Honey Peaberry Coffee
Dry Peaberry Coffee And Honey Peaberry Coffee – Peaberry coffee is a line that is also widely used today, but not everyone can split distinguish the drying type and honey type with the naked eye. When the coffee has been ground, there is even more distinction. So how do we tell them apart? Here are two quick tips to distinguish dry-type coffee from peaberry honey type

Color of dry peaberry and honey

  • Kona coffee honey

Kona coffee honey, organic Kona coffee

  • Coffee honey medium

Coffee honey medium

  • Kona coffee medium

A dry type is green; When unshelled, it’s also green Kona coffee medium

In contrast, Honey type coffee beans roasted have a yellow outer layer of the kernel, and the unshelled beans are red

The quality of dry peaberry and honey type

Dry coffee type will be of less quality than the honey coffee beans (honey processed) type


The dry type will cost less than the honey type


The dry type will have a bitter, bold, and acrid taste

And honey type will be upset but the aftertaste is sweet and rich

Life Bene peaberry coffee 

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