Fair Trade Coffee

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Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee: It is curious to note that fair coffee certification is hardly seen in specialty coffees and third-wave shops and roasters worldwide. This is really because fair trade is designed to protect growers against changing trade markets. In the specialty sector, where coffee quality can offer more than double the market price, fair trade makes less sense.

In other words, this certificate has its pros and cons in the commercial arena. Its main tenet is that fair trade producers will always receive a price that at least meets the cost of production. The commercial market is always fluctuating, so at some point, the market price can render coffee worthless for growth.

Then, fair trade deals can be arranged when the market is low, however, growers then miss out on high prices when the market takes an upward move. This is a complex issue, but the goals of fair trade should be supported, as it is a program that has the potential to make a real difference in the commodity coffee sector.

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