Freeze-dried instant coffee – New coffee trend in the world!

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Freeze-dried instant coffee is currently a new trend of instant coffee in the world. This instant coffee is dried at low temperature by Freeze-Dry instant coffee, with a high repatriation rate. Freeze-dried has good taste quality.

Freeze-dried instant coffee has a higher repatriation rate than spray-dried coffee, so the taste of this coffee is excellent and is considered a high-quality instant coffee.

What is freeze-dried instant coffee?

Freeze-drying coffee is an advanced method that can retain all the highest quality and best qualities for the natural flavor of the extracted instant coffee.

Freeze-dried instant coffee is dried and repatriated at low temperatures by a freeze-dried coffee machine, so the aroma of coffee is not lost. The product is of the same quality as roasted and ground coffee.

Currently, the market trend is very popular with this type of dried coffee. Its taste is always suitable for those who like convenience and love to explore new things.

The manufacturing process for freeze-dried coffee is straightforward. In large commercial vats, coffee grounds are brewed as usual. The resulting coffee liquor is then concentrated by passing it through evaporators. After that, it is foamed and frozen. The concentrated coffee is then ground into particles, and the ice crystals within the particles are removed via sublimation.

When compared to regular brewed coffee, freeze-dried coffee has several advantages. Coffee that has been freeze-dried is extremely portable. It is available in large containers as well as individual packets that can be carried in pockets, purses, or lunch containers.

Furthermore, freeze-dried coffee does not necessitate the use of any special equipment, such as a coffee maker. All you need is a cup and some hot water. Freeze-dried coffee is more convenient than brewed coffee. It is ready as soon as the coffee crystals dissolve in the water. It is difficult to get the coffee strength wrong because coffee drinkers can simply add more crystals or water until they reach the desired strength.

There are many different types of freeze-dried coffee available, just like regular brewed coffee. Coffee drinkers can select between caffeinated and decaffeinated versions, as well as a variety of flavors based on the coffee grounds used to make the freeze-dried coffee. These flavors can be adjusted depending on how many crystals are placed in a cup, and coffee drinkers can find the brand that best suits them.

Freeze-dried coffee has been around for over a century. Satori Kato, a Japanese scientist, invented it in 1901. George C.L. Washington later marketed the product for the first time around 1910. Nescafe, the first name brand of freeze-dried coffee, was created 18 years later in 1938.


How does freeze-drying coffee work?

Creating freeze-dried coffee products starts from green coffee beans that are carefully cleaned, processed, selected, sorted, and preserved.

After that, high-quality green coffee is roasted at many levels with different technical factors and experiences. The processing line is ground into a fine powder from fully roasted coffee beans, made into coffee water, and then extracted and extracted using modern technology.

Next, the coffee water will undergo concentration to a suspension and be frozen at a shallow temperature. After the freezing process, the coffee crystals will form into large patches.


Through the freezing process with a coffee dryer, the water in the coffee is crystallized and separated from the coffee. The pieces of cold-dried coffee will be put through a small grinder depending on the packaging, creating many different forms such as beans, fine powder, etc…

Specialty instant coffee

The beans are carefully chosen from the best sources around the world, including Vietnam, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Brazil, and Colombia.
Uncopyable oriental secret blending recipe
Modern instant coffee production technology from around the world

The coffee extract is frozen and broken into very small granules, preserving the original flavor of the coffee bean.

Bring a delicious instant coffee cup as a barista-made coffee cup.

Quality instant coffee

Until recently, instant coffee had a bad reputation, but it has since evolved from low-cost, low-quality options to high-end, organic, and specialty coffees.

Early versions of the dissolvable drink date back to 18th century Britain, but the concept really took off around 1910, when instant coffee was first commercially sold; its popularity increased during WWII and has since expanded into more gourmet markets.

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Hagen instant coffee

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Coffee quality instant

Freeze-dried instant granules exude hotel room and office canteen vibes, and sometimes the convenience results in a tasteless, murky-watered liquid or something acidic, bitter, and frankly undrinkable.

However, there are now some decent options on the market. And, while we want to wake up to good coffee, manufacturers are picking up on our caffeine cravings.

Any supermarket’s beverage aisle is now crammed with instant coffee brands of varying price points and gimmicks. In fact, determining which is the best value and taste can be perplexing at times.

With coffee producers attempting to dispel the somewhat dull and archaic image of instant coffee, many are getting creative with their USP – our review includes a recently launched brand that incorporates legal drugs into its recipe, as well as others that use unique flavors such as cherry Bakewell and Havana rum!

While some of you may be looking for something a little different, many of you will be looking for a standard quick-and-easy cup of coffee to grab right after the kettle has boiled, and we’ve got the basics covered below.


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