Guess personality by drinking coffee

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Guess personality by drinking coffee: Did you know that everyone’s coffee taste reflects their personality? Check with CDFR to see if it is correct.

1. Black Coffee Drinkers

  • Outspoken, frank
  • I like to keep things simple
  • Few words but many emotions
  • Love everything minimalist

2. Espresso drinkers


  • Have a leadership spirit
  • Being a person of work but also a lot of emotions
  • Know what to do to get what you want

3. Latte drinkers


  • Easily excitable
  • Likes to please others
  • Often hesitant to come to a decision

4. Cappuccino drinkers


  • Capable of controlling everything
  • Or obsessed with something?
  • Have great friends but don’t like people who lack imagination

5. Frappuccino drinkers


  • Anything Try Once
  • Create a trend
  • Love adventure
  • There are not often healthy, safe options available.

6. Instant Coffee Drinkers

  • Optimistic fun
  • Delay
  • Tendency to “talk out.”

7. Soy milk coffee drinker

  • Good endurance
  • Quite detailed
  • Self-righteous, want to be the center

>>> Guess personality by drinking coffee

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