HOT-AIR Coffee Roasting Machine

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

Roasting coffee with an indirect heat transfer roaster, also known as a Hot air roaster, roasting coffee with hot air is produced in the combustion chamber of the roaster. Let’s learn about HOT-AIR Coffee Roasting Machine with Helena.

HOT-AIR Coffee Roasting Machine

The burner (red pictured) does not directly heat the roasting cage but indirectly generates heat in the combustion chamber, heats the clean airflow, and flows the hot gas flow into the roasting cell. The flow of hot air creeps into the coffee beans is rotated continuously. The coffee is roasted evenly from the inside out, eliminating the roasting side, burning the surface, or ripening unevenly.

HOT-AIR Coffee Roasting Machine

In addition to indirect heat transfer, a roaster transmits heat directly when the fire comes into direct contact with the roasting drum, and the roasting drum transfers heat into the coffee beans. The manufacturer usually empties the roasting two layers to limit the easy control of heat transfer into the coffee beans.

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