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How to find a supplier of roasted coffee beans

How to find a supplier of roasted coffee beans: Finding the source of coffee ingredients at a reasonable price, deliciousness, and quality is not an easy problem and takes a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, whether a coffee shop has just opened or opened for a long time, there is a need to find a cheap coffee supplier. For coffee shops, finding quality, cheap coffee suppliers and good agent care is a critical issue and takes a lot of time and effort.

Besides the problems of choosing the address, decorating the space, and the management system, finding the source of raw materials is the problem that makes the cafe owner take the most time and effort.

Input materials significantly affect the quality of the product and the input costs of a coffee shop. Therefore, coffee shop owners always want to find clean, delicious ingredients at reasonable prices. This will make your cafe many advantages and favorable business.

Suppose the number of customers and annual income are average. In that case, a coffee shop does not increase much but sometimes declines mainly because the owner only pays attention to the cheap cost of ingredients but does not care about the taste. How to make it delicious and attractive.

To find the right and intelligent coffee supplier, the owner needs to be knowledgeable about coffee.

Choose the type of coffee according to the style of the coffee shop

Coffee has many varieties, and each array also has many different types, from bean/powder characteristics, taste, and processing to price. Each type of coffee is suitable for the unique style that your shop pursues.

If the shop’s style is traditional, you should buy roasted and ground coffee to make the filter, and if the class is modern, you should select coffee beans and brew them by machine. Of course, you can flexibly combine both styles.

Various types of coffee

Currently, on the market, there are the following famous and popular coffee lines that you need to understand about the characteristics and flavors:

  • Peaberries coffee: intense aroma, strong bitter taste, and then gradually turning sweet. Peaberries coffee is suitable for people who like to enjoy strong coffee; quite many few Vietnamese people like to drink it.
  • Robusta coffee: has a strong bitter taste, gentle aroma, seductive, and slightly acrid. Many Vietnamese coffee drinkers also love this coffee line.
  • Arabica coffee: intense aroma, sour taste, delicate sweetness. In Vietnam, few people like to drink this coffee line, and the price is also relatively high.

Coffee with the right taste and suitable for the drinker’s health will help shops and cafes create a reputation for quality and have loyal customers.

Various types of coffee

On the market today, there are many types of coffee mixed with fillers, chemicals that are both less delicious and harmful to health. This is also something that restaurant owners need to pay special attention to.

Helena., JSC offers the best wholesale coffee in the market

Quality and reputation are the top two factors of every business unit that wants to develop and survive in the market. Understanding that Helena., JSC COFFEE specializes in providing coffee beans, a pure roasted ground coffee powder that meets UTZ standards.

Helena., JSC provides cheap pure, and clean coffee.

Helena., JSC guarantees coffee supply:

– 100% pure and clean

– Stable quality in every batch of roasting because of the use of modern roasting machines

– Delicious pure coffee from the source of quality ingredients and experience, and traditional processing know-how.

– The most reasonable price in the market.

– There are many preferential policies, attractive agent care, and high discounts.

– Fast and easy delivery to your destination.

– Free exchange and return if product and quality defects are found.

offers the best wholesale coffee in the market

Various products include two main types: pure roasted coffee beans and pure roasted coffee beans of Arabica, Peaberries, Robusta, Moka Cau Dat, and farm weasel coffee lines.

With a reputation for the quality of our products and services, we are constantly developing, and the number of customers trusting Helena., JSC is increasing. Not only is it a reputable coffee retailer, but Helena., JSC is also a supplier of many coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country.

Helena., JSC, is providing:

Below is the wholesale price list of some types of coffee that Helena., JSC, is providing:

No. Product’s name Wholesale price
1 Robusta From 4.5 USD
2 Moka 10 USD
3 Mix 70% Robusta – 30% Arabica 6.5 USD
4 Peaberries  5.5 USD
5 Arabica 8 USD
6 Weasel From 35 USD



  • The above wholesale price list is calculated according to 10kg of finished products of each type; the wholesale price is calculated for customers buying 50 kilograms or more.
  • The price of coffee of all kinds can change, fluctuating up and down depending on the time and quality of each type.
  • The more customers take, the lower the wholesale price.

For more details and wholesale prices of pure roasted coffee products and pure roasted beans, customers can see them directly at the website or contact Hotline/Whatsapp/Telegram: +84.789.818.828

Helena., JSC always provides quality retail and wholesale coffee, the best price on the market, attentive after-sales service, and dedicated care. Are you looking for a coffee supplier? Come to Helena., JSC, we always try to satisfy the guests who come, and please the guests who go.

If you need more advice on coffee types, please contact Helena Coffee Processing & Export for a free consultation.

Contact information of Helena., JSC:

  • Hotline/Whatsapp/Telegram: +84.789.818.828
  • Website:

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