How To Reduce The Risk of Fire And Explosion In The Coffee Roaster?

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How to reduce the risk of fire and explosion in the coffee roaster? Accidents involving fire and explosions when using a coffee roaster occur all across the country, and product users can entirely prevent and avoid these hazards on their own.

When utilizing the existing coffee roaster, there is a risk of fire and explosion


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Many industrial facilities now employ coffee roasters in their operations, but not all of them are aware of the fire safety laws that apply to this type of machine.

As a result, many businesses have encountered fires and explosions caused by coffee roasting machines, inflicting significant damage and impairing the production status of coffee powder manufacturing facilities.

Many recommendations on how to use and maintain the machine correctly have been sent to customers by manufacturers and product suppliers, but many establishments today have purposefully disregarded these strict regulations for profit, resulting in the occurrence of fire and explosions while using the machine.

How can the number of coffee roasters be reduced?


Experts and manufacturers have provided specific recommendations for reducing the risk of fire and explosion in coffee roasters:

One of the most efficient ways to avoid and reduce fire and explosion is to choose machine product lines that are equipped with contemporary fire prevention equipment and include an automatic thermostat.

– Do not put these machines in the autoclave because they are prone to oil leaking. This is one of the requirements to avoid when utilizing this machine in the workplace.

– Do not exceed the capacity of the machine as stipulated by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has explicitly indicated a different functioning mode in the design, and the user must pay special attention to this handbook.

– Be careful not to raise the roasting temperature of the machine too high, as this will have a significant impact on the coffee bean roaster’s working program. To reduce roasting time, use just the correct and absolute temperature levels with increased heat.

– Keep fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers near the coffee bean roaster to reduce the chance of a fire spreading quickly. Each manufacturing site places a greater emphasis on fire safety.

This is one of the issues that has received insufficient attention in today’s Vietnamese manufacturing facilities. Although several punishments have been levied, many establishments continue to defy the law in order to save money, resulting in unfortunate fire and explosion situations.

Users can take precautions against fire and choose goods with automatic thermal cut-off devices to reduce the risk of fire and explosion when using a coffee roaster. and a flame-retardant substance that works.

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