Our premises

Our processing plant, at the heart of Vietnam's coffee capital Buon Ma Thuot, is the hub and key to processing and exporting coffee

High degree of processing flexibility

A high degree of processing flexibility also allows us to prepare coffee directly and accurately to customer specifications. Our Robusta coffees range from standard Grade 2 through to high-grade polished and natural beans.

Modern processing line

Our modern processing line, including the latest colour sorting technology, enables us to produce coffee of the highest standard and ensure a uniform consistent quality for all of our buyers.

Laboratory with cupping facilities

HELENA has a fully equipped laboratory with cupping facilities and carries out extensive cup tasting of raw coffee deliveries and shipments to ensure full customer satisfaction and product consistency.

choose red ripe cherry

Harvest 100% riped coffee

The fully ripe cherry is red, the stalks are only slightly green, without pests and diseases. Thus, the quality will be very high. When making coffee, the taste will be more delightful.

*choosing 100% red ripe fruits

honey coffee process


is the hardest and most demanding coffee processing method. The processor has to start by pulping the coffee and then spreads it out for drying without any washing to leave part of the pulp. The processor spreads the coffee beans thinly on special drying beds and turns them after every one hour for 10-15 days to gain the needed stability.

* The hardest and most demanding coffee processing method.

Drying process of parchment coffee

Drying process

The parchment coffee is dried on a drying net in a greenhouse, surrounded by net to avoid being invaded by insects that damage coffee and coffee beans.

drying naturally

Natural drying method

Coffee is soaked and washed, then dried and put into PE bags, fermented anaerobic for 24 hours – 36 hours then exposed under light sunshine with temperature from 30-35 degrees Celsius

coffee in packaging for export


Right packaging key to boosting coffee exports.

* Getting the right packaging material at an affordable price.