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Robusta Wet Polished. Robusta coffee has a slightly sour taste, a subtle aroma, and a strong bitter taste. It is exceptionally high in caffeine, so it is preferred by many people who like a robust coffee bean flavor. Robusta coffee is collected and processed to produce multiple Robusta coffee products. Dry processed Robusta coffee, which accounts for the majority of them, is the line with the world’s most significant export reserves and is regarded as the icon of Vietnamese coffee.

However, traditional processing results in low-quality coffee since the product still contains many silk skins, impurities, broken and black seeds, an uneven percentage of beans, and so on, making quality control and export difficult. The preceding issues have been resolved since the introduction of wet polish.

As a result, during the polishing process, the coffee beans are placed in a high-pressure pump system that continuously sprays mist to produce mutual friction in the beans. This rubbing will remove any leftover silk from the coffee beans’ surface, making them more lustrous and attractive. To assure coffee quality, the polishing procedure reduces the total volume of coffee by 1-2 percent and necessitates post-friction cooling technology.

Wet-polished Robusta is of higher quality because it is screened more thoroughly, removing all silk and impurities, making the coffee cleaner, purer, tastier, and more attractive.

Where can I buy DakLak Robusta wet polished coffee? (wet polished)


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Helena Coffee is happy to be a supplier of high-quality and stable wet polished Robusta green coffee at a fair price, thanks to many years of experience in production, processing, and quality control. The successful creation of a closed model from the stage of product collection, selection, and preliminary processing to the location of product operation, supply, and distribution has aided Helena Coffee in optimizing the quality control process and product stability, resulting in Helena Coffee products that are both affordable and of high quality.

The current wet-polished Robusta green coffee is a line that fully meets export quality standards. However, the price difference is not too high compared to regular Robusta lines. Customers can choose the right coffee line depending on the roasting method and coffee taste. Contact Helena Coffee for more advice on this line!

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Robusta coffee beans (products)

Given that there are over a hundred species of coffee, robusta has done well to become the world’s second most popular coffee.
So let’s look at what it is and where it came from.
What exactly is robusta coffee? Robusta coffee is made from the beans (seeds) of the Coffea canephora plant.
Robusta is a plant that originated in central and western Sub-Saharan Africa. It is the world’s second most popular coffee, accounting for 40% of global coffee production.
It is only second to arabica (from the Coffea arabica plant), which accounts for the remaining 60 percent (or more) of global coffee production.

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