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Specialty Coffee Supplier Wholesale: Specialty coffee is a unique coffee production process. Helena Coffee Vietnam – Helena., JSC is proud to supply high-quality specialty coffee. Specialty coffee has become a legacy, a symbol of premium quality. With distinct and unique values, specialty coffee is not just a beverage. It is an endless source of inspiration for coffeeholic.

Special requirements for raw materials for high-quality specialty coffee suppliers

Strict standards on the best source of ingredients for specialty coffee wholesale


The taste of specialty coffee comes from the processing process and the origin of the coffee used. The coffee beans used will have much higher requirements than usual. Raw materials used must be from the same source, not degraded. Suppliers of high-quality specialty coffee must be very meticulous when choosing ingredients.

For qualifying for specialty coffee, it is necessary to ensure that the coffee is graded and evaluated according to the SCA framework. According to the SCA, coffee must score between 80-100 (if below 80 can be commercial coffee or inferior coffee) and must be Arabica coffee. Arabica is the only coffee bean used to make specialty coffees. Only about 1% of Arabica coffee in the world is qualified to make specialty coffee. The selection of satisfactory coffee beans also requires experience and high accuracy.

The taste of coffee must also show the characteristics of soil, climate, or the unique coffee tree care process. This factor plays an essential role in creating the unique flavour of specialty coffee. Therefore, a prerequisite for this meticulous process is the origin of the coffee.

Helena Coffee Vietnam – Label coffee supplier


With those requirements, choosing a supplier of specialty coffee ingredients is not easy. As a supplier of high-quality specialty coffee, the mission of finding a farm with premium ingredients is always a priority of Helena Coffee Vietnam – Helena., JSC. Using raw materials imported from foreign farms is our choice.

This selection comes from the Workshop’s mission: to portray the unique values ​​of the ingredients. This flavour comes from summarizing the importance of both time and space. It comprises the farmer’s experience of choosing a planting location, care, and selecting the best coffee beans.

Strict preservation process from Helena Coffee | High-quality coffee supplier 

Finding ingredients is not the only thing to create specialty coffees’ unique and premium taste.

The preservation of this material also plays an essential role in preserving the flavour. For imported raw materials, conservation and quality control are even more difficult.

Due to the extended shipping process, the process will be somewhat tricky for fresh coffee beans. Ensuring the perfect environment for the preservation of fresh coffee during transport is not easy for high-quality specialty coffee purveyors, especially when it has a vital role to ensure the quality of coffee before roasting.

After roasting, the perfect preservation of coffee beans is much more complicated. Due to the high hygroscopicity of roasted coffee beans, their flavour is easily affected. Improper temperature also quickly fades the taste of roasted coffee beans. Therefore, the workers at the Workshop always carefully studied and adjusted the storage conditions of roasted coffee to ensure that the delicate and unique flavour is transmitted from each source of raw materials.

Preserve flavour through processing and methods

Besides the origin and preservation, the processing also helps to preserve the “original” taste.

As a supplier of high-quality specialty coffee, the factory always strives to perfect its coffee processing process to maintain the raw materials’ originality.

Helena Coffee Vietnam selects the light roasting method – a high-quality coffee supplier with many advantages compared to other methods. It retains most of the characteristic flavour properties of coffee beans. It helps to bring out the unique and unique flavours of each source. In addition, lightly roasted coffee has also been shown to have more health benefits.

To the desire and passion of the roaster from a supplier of high-quality specialty coffee

It is reflected in the selection of ingredients, the processing, and the enjoyment. It requires individuals in all those stages to learn and improve constantly. For a unit that supplies high-quality specialty coffee, the roaster has to ensure the output quality of the products.

The Workshop understands that to have the perfect batch of coffee, the roaster must desire to preserve the full flavour of each coffee bean. Therefore, Helena Coffee Vietnam – Helena., JSC always builds this desire for all employees. They are highly trained, but they also have an extraordinary passion for coffee. It is the motivation for them to hone and perfect their skills.

Helena Coffee Vietnam – Helena., JSC always aims to supply high-quality specialty coffee to help diners have a perfect coffee experience. If you have any questions or need any advice, please contact us via the following information. We are always happy to listen to you.

Wholesale coffee beans for private label coffee

Purchasing Coffee Beans in Helena wholesale coffee direct from the roaster has traditionally been regarded as one of the unique culinary items. Wholesale coffee beans may be purchased in bulk from certain shops or coffee merchants. Helena is where you can buy the greatest and freshest wholesale coffee globally if you’re seeking where to buy coffee beans online.

You may discover a plethora of wholesale coffee bean possibilities on the internet. All you have to do now is place an order for premium wholesale coffee beans from Helena Coffee Vietnam, and your coffee beans will be delivered in a matter of days.

This implies you won’t have to leave your home to get wholesale coffee. Most wholesale coffee websites lack the necessary features and geographical knowledge to help you choose the best coffee.

Helena company offers bulk coffee beans from a variety of sources and the world’s best-tasting, freshest wholesale coffee. Helena Coffee Company also provides espresso equipment, coffee, coffee makers, and other coffee-related topics.

Wholesale coffee beans
Other coffee firms will tell you about the advantages of purchasing bulk wholesale coffee, drinking coffee, coffee’s health benefits, decaffeinated coffee, and much more.

Helena company will not only provide you with bulk coffee beans at wholesale pricing, but we will also educate you on all there is to know about wholesale coffee beans!

Purchasing quality wholesale coffee beans in bulk is not the same as buying cheap coffee. We provide the most competitive bulk pricing on high-quality 100 percent Arabica green coffee beans. Purchase your coffee beans from a wholesale coffee roaster like Helena Coffee Roasters, where you can be specific in the quality and freshness of the coffee.

However, with the advancement of Internet technology, purchasing wholesale coffee or any other coffee has never been simpler. You may now buy coffee in bulk without ever leaving your home! For example, you may purchase coffee beans from Helena Coffee company while sitting at home sipping a cup of coffee.

We feel that purchasing coffee wholesale is preferable to buying coffee retail at Helena Coffee Vietnam. On the other hand, Wholesale coffee is sold in quantity, so be sure you have enough room to store it correctly and keep it fresh. Our wholesale coffee beans are packed in heat-sealed bags; all of our bulk wholesale coffee bags include a one-way valve mechanism for simple gas release once the coffee is roasted. We take pleasure in being the best at satisfying our customers’ need for fresh coffee at Helena Coffee Roasters.


When it comes to running the business, products are the lifeblood. You need to buy things in bulk and sell them to your local customers. After going through the product analysis, finding the correct suppliers may take some time and effort. Keep in mind the significant cultural and linguistic difference between you and the Vietnamese providers, especially while looking for suppliers in Vietnam.

Read our last blog in the “Vietnam’s Coffee Market” series to learn about the most acceptable sorts of coffee beans to buy in Vietnam before going into this guide. The following are some helpful hints for locating wholesale coffee suppliers in Vietnam.

1. Selection criteria for Vietnam’s finest wholesale coffee providers

When it comes to wholesale coffee suppliers in Vietnam, there are many options available in Vietnamese markets. Finding suitable suppliers, on the other hand, is a challenge. You may need to vet them before agreeing to work with them thoroughly. Asking them about their criteria for product quality, logistics, certification, and customer happiness is a beautiful method to start your study. The ideal venue to seek is the internet. Here are a few essential questions to keep in mind.

Do you work for a manufacturing firm or a trading firm?

This might assist you in getting the most acceptable value possible. If the items are in the same niche, the maker and supplier might be the same individual.

For example, a coffee product provider offers everything linked to coffee. Alternatively, if a single supplier sells several niche-specific items, the possibility of that supplier being a trading corporation is evident. As a result, inquire about their qualifications directly or check through their inventory.

How long have they been in business, and where has their coffee been exported?

When looking for coffee bean suppliers in Vietnam, you may rapidly locate the top manufacturers from various nations. The longer they’ve been in business, the more likely they’re operating a legitimate business.

This will give you a good notion of the product’s quality. Before you strike a contract with the suppliers, always request a pre-production sample to check the overall manufacturing quality.

What are the minimum coffee bean quality and order quantity that they accept?

When purchasing coffee beans from a Vietnamese wholesaler, be confident that they will be able to provide you with the finest beans available for the foreseeable future—seeing whether they can afford massive volumes of supplies.

The greater the variety of coffee materials they give, the more likely the supplier will be able to secure their supply. Additionally, the quality of coffee beans might show the sort of provider you’re dealing with right away.

Do they receive any coffee bean quality certifications?

They are checking to see whether the coffee beans have all of the necessary certifications for coffee quality assurance. Coffee suppliers in Vietnam should adhere to the following quality requirements while selling high-quality coffee beans: HACCP certification, ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation, and Good Manufacturing Practice GMP certification are also available.

UTZ Certified
Organic Certified in Coffee

Furthermore, the highest quality coffee beans should achieve national and international certifications, such as 4C (Common Code for the Coffee Community), VietGAP (Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices); UTZ (UTZ Certified); and RFA (Responsible Farming Alliance) (Rainforest Alliance). Customers in the Middle East, for example, prefer items that have been certified as HALAL, indicating that they have been processed and manufactured following the Qur’an and Muslim Shari’ah law. As a result, while importing coffee from Vietnam to such areas, verify whether the coffee has specific certificates.

It’s all about the logistics.

It is critical to understand how they track their shipments and keep you informed about where your coffee beans are in the shipping process. Questions concerning shipment timeframes, guarantees, or what happens if there are delays in shipping, lead time, payment method, and agreed delivery conditions should be followed up.

Their distribution methods are more versatile the more alternatives they provide. The logistics method reveals if they’re a well-run company that can regularly deliver their goods to you.

Choosing the top wholesale coffee suppliers in Vietnam is based on criteria.

2. What kind of coffee may be made in Vietnam?

Vietnamese green beans, whole and roasted

Whole green/roasted beans from Vietnam

  • Robusta/Arabica coffee washed/unwashed grade 1 on-screen No. 18 from Vietnam
  • Robusta/Arabica coffee washed/unwashed grade 1 on-screen No. 16 from Vietnam
  • Robusta/Arabica coffee washed/unwashed grade 2 on-screen No. 13+ from Vietnam
  • Specialty green/roasted coffee beans from Vietnam
  • Private-Label roasted coffees from Vietnam

Instant coffee from Vietnam

  • Spray-dried instant coffee powder from Vietnam
  • Freeze-dried instant coffee powder from Vietnam
  • Agglomerated Instant Coffee from Vietnam
  • 3in1 instant coffee mix from Vietnam
  • Weasel 3 in 1 instant coffee mix from Vietnam
  • Weight-loss instant coffee mix from Vietnam
  • Instant coffee can/bottle from Vietnam
  • Private-Label Instant Coffee from Vietnam

 Ground coffee from Vietnam

  • Drip coffee bag from Vietnam
  • Whole ground bean from Vietnam
  • Specialty ground coffee from Vietnam
  • Private-Label ground coffees from Vietnam

3. Where can I locate wholesale coffee suppliers in Vietnam?

The following are reputable websites where you may locate Vietnam’s major coffee producers:

Alibaba and Amazon are two of the most well-known online retailers

The most prominent worldwide platforms for seeking Vietnam coffee bean suppliers are Alibaba and Amazon. Hundreds of coffee manufacturers offer everything from raw beans to instant coffee powder in these markets. Remember that these platforms need corporate verification to ensure that they are legitimate businesses with legitimate coffee factories in Vietnam.

VN Yellow Pages

This platform meets the demands of Vietnamese and international businesses seeking and engaging with one other (exporting goods, importing goods or providing services for processing of goods according to the orders, etc.). Top coffee producers and exporters may be found here, and you can contact them directly. With over 400 vendors, they feature a specific “Coffee – Manufacturers And Exporters” area.

Vietnam’s international coffee trade shows include:

A lot of commerce in Vietnam is still done in an old-fashioned manner. Visit trade events if you wish to meet the majority of the country’s significant coffee suppliers. “Coffee Expo Vietnam,” a premier exposition in Vietnam for the coffee and dessert business, and “The Cafe Show Vietnam,” an event that attracts practically every noteworthy company, are two of the most important trade fairs in Vietnam.

These trade shows are only hosted in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City once a year. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, “The Cafe Show Vietnam 2020” will be cancelled or postponed. The following “Coffee Expo Vietnam” will be held in Ho Chi Minh City from the 16th to the 18th of December 2020.

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