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Arabica And Robusta

Arabica And Robusta. When people talk about coffee, they’re usually referring to the fruit of a single tree species: Coffea arabica. Arabica coffee is grown in dozens of nations between the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer and accounts for the majority of the coffee produced each year. However, it isn’t the only type of coffee. In reality, over 120 distinct species have been identified to date, but only one is commercially farmed, which is Coffea canephora, also known as Robusta. Robusta is a brand …
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What is Robusta Coffee? – Origins & Biological Characteristics | Helena Coffee Vietnam

Robusta, also known as Robusta coffee, belongs to the genus Canephora (nomenclature: Coffea canephora); together with C. Arabica, this is one of the two main types of commercially grown coffee in the world.  Robusta is also an essential variety of Vietnam’s coffee industry, contributing to the 2nd position in the coffee output. However, it is necessary to know that Robusta accounts for less than 30% of the total global coffee production structure, with the remainder belonging to Arabica varieties and their …