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6 coffee export licenses are required in Vietnam

Six coffee export licenses are required in Vietnam: Coffee is one of the strengths of Vietnam. To take advantage of that advantage, there are now many businesses exporting coffee to foreign markets, if you are a producer, roaster, packer, and trader of coffee products. You and coffee want to expand your export market to foreign countries; you must fully implement the licenses in Vietnam and the coffee export licenses. What are the six required coffee export licenses? Which agency issues those …
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Vietnam Coffee Processing & Export – Vietnam’s Most Prestigious Coffee Supplier| Helena., JSC

Coffee Manufacturer in Vietnam: Are you sourcing high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee? Are you looking for a reliable source of low-cost coffee beans in Vietnam? Helena., JSC is a manufacturer of coffee beans with the motto of bringing consumers the best quality products and prices thanks to the process: Bringing coffee directly from farmers' gardens to consumers' consumption without going through any broker. Vietnam Coffee Processing & Export - Coffee Manufacturer in Vietnam | Helena., JSC Helena Coffee Processing & Export in …
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Green Coffee Technical Specifications For Export | Helena., JSC

Green Coffee Technical Specifications For Export: Specifications of green coffee for export: There are different types of green coffee for export; Let's look at the specifications of some of them, such as robusta and arabica (wet processing, dry processing). 1) Standard for dry-processed Robusta green coffee, grade 1, 18. (Robusta coffee grade 1 on-screen No. 18) Humidity (Humidity): up to 12.5% Black beans and spoiled beans: up to 2% Foreign matter: up to 0.5% Other coffee beans: up to 0.5% Minimum 90% …