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Flavor of coffee: Special coffee flavor by criteria

The flavor of coffee: The deeper the feeling, the more layers of flavor of coffee can be seen. Each coffee variety has its unique color that is perceived by taste, smell, and even the senses of emotions. That flavor is created and characterized by many factors. Still, the most important is the material area, coffee variety, and next is the processing program as well as the storage time. Coffee Flavor By Ingredients Of Ingredients The raw material area – the motherland where the coffee …
cupping-coffee-a-way-for-ensuring-coffees-consistencyCoffee Cupping Guide

Cupping Coffee – A Way For Ensuring Coffee’s Consistency

Cupping Coffee - A Way For Ensuring Coffee's Consistency - Cupping is a procedure used by professionals (Coffee Cupper) to assess the quality and stability of coffee. The evaluated coffee will be ground and poured into different cups, and then water is added. The experts tested with hot and cold water in turn. Why is cupping important?  A professional roaster will certainly never skip the cupping process. Daily cupping helps overcome conditions in the roasting process, such as being too bitter, pale, or …
How to find a supplier of roasted coffee beansCoffee Beans Essentials

How to find a supplier of roasted coffee beans | Helena., JSC

How to find a supplier of roasted coffee beans: Finding the source of coffee ingredients at a reasonable price, deliciousness, and quality is not an easy problem and takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, whether a coffee shop has just opened or opened for a long time, there is a need to find a cheap coffee supplier. For coffee shops, finding quality, cheap coffee suppliers and good agent care is a critical issue and takes a lot of …
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在越南生产和出口咖啡 – 越南著名的咖啡供应商 | Helena., JSC

在越南生产和出口咖啡 :您是否采购高品质的阿拉比卡和罗布斯塔咖啡?您是否正在越南寻找可靠的低成本咖啡豆来源?Helena., JSC 是一家咖啡豆制造商,其座右铭是通过以下过程为消费者带来最优质的产品和价格:无需通过任何经纪人,将咖啡直接从农民的花园带到消费者消费。 在越南生产和出口咖啡 | Helena., JSC 海伦娜咖啡加工和出口在越南| Helena., JSC 成立于 2016 年,是一家越南咖啡出口商。多年来,我们已经成长为越南最著名的咖啡生产和出口咖啡公司之一。 Helena., JSC供应: 未烘焙和烘焙咖啡豆(罗布斯塔咖啡和阿拉比卡咖啡) 粉末和速溶咖啡 咖啡机 越南咖啡加工和出口 – 越南的咖啡制造商 | 海伦娜., JSC 我们的产品现在出口和消费到世界各地的多个国家和地区,包括中国、台湾、泰国、新加坡、乌克兰和美国。 作为我们整个运营的轴心,Helena 的质量控制,JSC 定义了出口产品生产的每个阶段。采购和生产过程的四个阶段都要经过质量检验。Helena., JSC 可以通过多种方式满足工业需求: 去除黑豆和碎豆 去除异物 水分含量 筛网/豆大小 ISO 10470:2004 缺陷计数 抛光等级 如有必要,在批准最终发货之前,独立质量检验员会对成品进行抽样。 越南咖啡加工和出口 – 越南的咖啡制造商 | 海伦娜., JSC 干制罗布斯塔咖啡(未洗)技术标准 1) 干制罗布斯塔生咖啡标准,1 级,S18 (罗布斯塔咖啡 1 级屏幕第 18 号) 规格 : 水分:最大12.5% 黑豆和碎豆:最多 2% 异物:最大 0.5 % 其他咖啡豆:最多 0.5% 筛上至少 90% (>90% on Screen No.) : 18 (7.1mm) 包装:60公斤一整袋包 标准出口(19.2吨/箱) 2) 干法罗布斯塔咖啡豆标准 1 型,S16 (罗布斯塔咖啡 1 级屏幕 S16) 水分:最大12.5% 黑色和破碎种子的百分比:最大 2% 异物:最大 0.5% 其他咖啡豆:最多 0.5% 筛上至少 90%:16 (6.3mm) 包装:60公斤整袋 标准出口(19.2吨/箱) 3) 干加工罗布斯塔咖啡豆标准类型 …