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Processing. Because the way coffee is handled after harvest has such a big impact on the final cup, it’s become a bigger element of how it’s described and sold. It would be a mistake to suppose that coffee companies chose their processing processes with flavor in mind. A tiny percentage do, but for the most part, the purpose is to guarantee that the processor generates the least amount of ‘defect’ and hence no reduction in the coffee’s quality, and thus …
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Vietnam Coffee Processing & Export – Vietnam’s Most Prestigious Coffee Supplier| Helena., JSC

Coffee Manufacturer in Vietnam: Are you sourcing high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee? Are you looking for a reliable source of low-cost coffee beans in Vietnam? Helena., JSC is a manufacturer of coffee beans with the motto of bringing consumers the best quality products and prices thanks to the process: Bringing coffee directly from farmers' gardens to consumers' consumption without going through any broker. Vietnam Coffee Processing & Export - Coffee Manufacturer in Vietnam | Helena., JSC Helena Coffee Processing & Export in …