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What is the Cup of Excellence? How does COE grading coffee differ from SCA?

How does the Cup of Excellence grading coffee differ from Specialty Coffee Association? If you love specialty coffee, the coffee grading style of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is certainly no stranger. Helena Coffee Vietnam has a pretty detailed explanation of SCA's cupping form here. SCA's cupping form is the most popular document in grading coffee, widely used in the specialty coffee community, from roasters and baristas to coffee import and export companies. However, the SCA cupping form is not everything. …
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How Can I Use Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel?

How Can I Use Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel? Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel is a resource for evaluating coffee sensi least created in partnership with SCA (Specialty Coffee Association)and WRC (World Coffee Research). This article will focus on several ways to use the taste circle effectively, according to SCA guidelines. You don't need to be a professional cupper to capture all that's in your coffee cup. All you need is a circle of flavors (a print will be better) and a little …
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Specialty Coffee Supplier Wholesale – Best Coffee in Vietnam

Specialty Coffee Supplier Wholesale: Specialty coffee is a unique coffee production process. Helena Coffee Vietnam – Helena., JSC is proud to supply high-quality specialty coffee. Specialty coffee has become a legacy, a symbol of premium quality. With distinct and unique values, specialty coffee is not just a beverage. It is an endless source of inspiration for coffeeholic. Special requirements for raw materials for high-quality specialty coffee suppliers Strict standards on the best source of ingredients for specialty coffee wholesale The taste of specialty coffee comes …
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What is Fine Robusta? Facts Everyone Should Know

What is Fine Robusta? - Is a Robusta coffee graded to ” Fine ” by R Grader. R Grader is certified by CQI. The process of grading green and roasted coffee beans through cupping according to CQI & SCA standards. “Fine,” not simply as good or better. What is Fine Robusta? For Arabica coffee to be called “Specialty grade coffee”, a lot of coffee needs to be graded by Q grader through 1. assessing the quality of green coffee, and 2. through cupping according to SCA’s standards and rules. Coffee with 80 points or more is …