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Single Origin VS Blend EspressoCoffee Cupping Guide

Single Origin VS Blend Espresso

Single Origin VS Blend Espresso - "Which is better, single origin vs blend espresso?" This is one of Helena Coffee's customers' most commonly asked questions. Here's a quick recap of our last blog post on specialty coffee for those who haven't read it yet! Single origin vs blend espresso is the two main categories of specialty coffee, which is also the largest participant in the coffee industry at the moment! There's a lot more versatility these days when it comes to choosing …
“Indigenous Coffee” Or “Single-Origin Coffee”Coffee Processing

The Single-Origin – “Indigenous Coffee” Or “Single-Origin Coffee”

The Single-Origin – “Indigenous Coffee” Or “Single-Origin Coffee” Everything You Need To Know About: Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, looked at the coffees on offer, and was confused? Wondering, what is single-origin and what is a coffee blend? Why is single-origin often more expensive than blends? What is single-origin coffee? You must have seen phrases like single origin, single estate, single farm somewhere. What do they mean? Single-origin is a simple phrase with an extensive definition. Generally understood as coffee originating …