Teaching Coffee Roasting & 1001 Good Tips

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Here is some helpful information related to the topic “teaching coffee roasting” for those of you who are in need to ponder and refer to more. Hopefully, they will be of great help to both teachers and learners.

1. Coffee roasting training course

There are currently coffee roasting and roasting courses from basic to advanced for beginners or those who are already roasters who want to improve their knowledge and professional experience. With the time devoted to both theory and practice, it will help you update, learn and accumulate many valuable things about coffee, coffee roasting, and at the same time draw a lot of experience and lessons. Learn from reality while applying and practicing.

The coffee roasting and grinding course help students learn quickly and accumulate a lot of knowledge about coffee.

Usually, coffee roasting courses will teach students the general knowledge of current coffee varieties; about coffee roasting time and temperature, coffee roasting levels, coffee roasting types; roasting process, technique, roasting method of rustic coffee, star-impregnated coffee; how to cool, brew coffee after roasting, how to grind coffee suitable for each type of preparation, … At the same time, we will practice roasting and grinding coffee by machine, instructing how to recognize and fix some basic errors related to coffee. roaster and instructions on the types of coffee…

By participating in a package course like this, it will help students quickly grasp knowledge and learn more smoothly, fluently, coherently, and conveniently. However, learners need to choose a reputable coffee roasting and roasting facility and address it so that the quality of knowledge gained after the course will be the best and most accurate to their wishes. As for teachers, vocational training institutions need to have high knowledge and expertise, ensure a reasonable allocation of time for students to study theory and practice, and ensure the quality of the courses, providing adequate training and learning opportunities. Facilities for students every time they attend a class, etc., will only bring about high teaching efficiency.

2. Books that teach coffee roasting coffee making and are full of knowledge

If you do not have enough money to study coffee roasting courses, you can immediately buy great books on coffee roasting and coffee making, which will also ensure full knowledge to explore and learn. Ask and research:

2.1. Book: Vietnamese coffee in the 21st-century Culture and Technology – The secret to success in the coffee business

The book gives readers helpful knowledge about harvesting and processing techniques and the secrets of roasting and mixing to create delicious cups of coffee to bring success in the coffee business.

2.2. Book: Vietnamese coffee love – The secret to becoming a coffee expert

In this book, author Truong Phu Thien expressed his love for Vietnamese coffee accurately and profoundly and, at the same time, did not hide his worries about the unsustainable risk of Vietnamese coffee. Besides, the author also does not forget to share the secret to becoming a coffee expert.

2.3. BREW – The ultimate home coffee

The book will be an excellent choice for those looking to create a quality cup of coffee at home but do not know where or how to start. Because the book will show you the way, guide you.

Brian Jones – The author of the book and a coffee expert will guide and show you how to buy the best, most delicious coffee beans and the equipment used to process and prepare coffee. Beginner lessons will help you get acquainted and gradually master the skills of coffee filtering, providing you with recipes for drinks and cocktails made from the coffee itself.

2.4. Book: Drinks made from coffee

This book gives readers helpful content such as How to make coffee; sugars; types of cups and how to use, how to place coffee cups; hot filter coffee; hot milk coffee; fire coffee; royal coffee; Paris-style coffee;… enriching and diversifying the menu of drinks made from coffee.

Depending on the needs and purposes of learners, they can choose to study directly at vocational training institutions or buy books on coffee roasting and read or go online to explore, learn, accumulate and cultivate more—knowledge for themselves to become a professional coffee roaster soon.