The Taste Of Natural Processed Coffee And Honey Processed Coffee

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The Taste Of Natural Processed Coffee And Honey Processed Coffee – When it comes to coffee, it can be said that there are many types, and not everyone knows how to distinguish each class, and perhaps only those who are passionate about learning about coffee or those who have experience can easily recognize it. Okay. So what is the difference between the Natural process and the Honey process? Let’s know about it together.

Regarding roasted beans, we cannot distinguish between natural coffee and Honey. However, they will be different through the following factors.

The taste of Natural Processed Coffee And Honey Processed Coffee

  • Honey coffee is prepared as follows:

After being picked, the coffee is peeled and beaten with a machine to remove all the mucus, then dried in a greenhouse.

  • Natural coffee

After picking, the coffee is not peeled, but the fruit is left to dry in the greenhouse.

1. Coffee taste

  • Honey coffee has a sour, slightly bitter, sweet aroma because the mucus layer is removed during the preliminary processing, making the coffee less caffeine. The smell is due to the coffee fermentation process.
  • Natural coffee has a sweet, aromatic, a medium bitter, and rich taste but no sour taste, while the aroma of birth is not as pleasing as Honey.

2. Coffee water when brewed

  • Honey, when mixed, will have diluted coffee water. However, for Natural, the opposite is true.
  • Natural coffee will have a darker coffee color
Honey Processed Coffee

Natural Processed Coffee

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