What Is Pour Over? The Best Coffee Extraction Method

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Definition: The term Pour Over is used to describe a general way of making coffee in which the bartender pours water over the ground coffee, the coffee is extracted and flows downwards container. Usually, a tool is used to keep the coffee powder in place during the extraction process. That tool is a funnel that can be made of: paper, metal, porcelain, plastic… 

There is a tool that Vietnamese people are quite familiar with, which is our traditional Phin. There are many different tools such as V60 funnel, Kalita funnel, Chemex pot… And the V60 funnel is the most successful and popular instrument in the Pour Over method. Even when it comes to Pour Over, coffee lovers often assume that they are made by pouring through the V60 funnel.

This is understandable because from 2011 to 2019, there were five coffee extraction champions worldwide using the V60 funnel and two more champions using a variant of the V60 funnel. Of course, world champions don’t choose haphazardly, right?

They chose the V60 funnel in the Pour Over method because: With the V60 horn, the Pour Over method can capture and highlight the most unique and beautiful flavours of Specialty coffee beans, such as Floral flavour; sweet fruit and bitter taste in almost no…

However, it is not a coincidence that the V60 funnel has been well received and has become a leading trend worldwide. The V60 and Pour-over funnels took more than 14 years to shine!

In the framework of this article, Visty will talk more deeply about Pour Over with a V60 ceramic funnel, using filter paper (collectively for the word Pour Over).

Origin of Pour Over

Pour Over was first recorded in the 1908s by a German woman named Melitta. The story begins when she can’t stand the fact that her coffee cups are bitter and full of mushy powder. She tried everything to solve the problem, but in the end there was only one way to help her.

One day, before making coffee, she tore a piece of paper from her son’s notebook and placed it in the bottom of a perforated pot. When she pours water over the top part of the coffee, the coffee grounds are retained in the paper, the juice is filtered through and flows into a cup below. 

The woman who invented pour Over

And surprisingly, when she drank that cup of coffee, she felt it had a much better taste. More precise, less bitter, easier to swallow. Ms Melitta has laid a foundation in coffee lovers’ minds about a refined taste, a new way of making coffee using filter paper. 

And then, following in the footsteps of Mrs Melitta is Hario – a famous glass manufacturer in Japan.

Around the 1980s, with the thought: “Find a way to make the coffee taste clearer with the method of letting water flow through the coffee, ” Hario designers designed the traditional funnel of the V60. It is shaped like a conical tube with wire rods to support the filter paper. Coffee is poured into the form; strings fix the report, and water is poured into the coffee on the paper and runs down the conical tube.

However, this design was met with opposition from the instant coffee wave (1st coffee wave) and gradually sank into oblivion for 14 years. And if Hario’s designers forget about this design and concept, we’ve lost the best concoction! In the new wave of coffee, we must thank Hario for his perseverance and timeless vision.

In 2004, Hario gave his funnel a new shape. They used the parabola y = x² to create this funnel. And that funnel is called the V60 funnel. The funnel has a 60-degree angle, with a groove inside and a big hole in the middle. No more wires to hold the paper in place; you can drop the form straight into the hopper, pour in coffee and pour water. The filter paper has trapped the coffee’s fine particles and oily layer. You can fully enjoy a clean, unmistakable coffee taste.

Not only clean and clear, but a great resonance with the wave of Specialty coffee has also made the V60 funnel and Pour Over preparation method a leading trend among coffee lovers worldwide.

Coffee Flavor of Pour Over

If a scientific eater likes to eat fresh fruit, drink low-sugar drinks… you will love the coffee brewed by the Pour Over method using that V60 funnel! Along with the development of cultivation, preliminary processing and roasting… Speciality coffee has grown and revealed many beautiful flavours. Those are floral, fruity flavours like strawberry, orange, lemon, grapefruit… all from nature. Because coffee is also a fruit, and that particular fruit also has acids that make it sour, sugar that makes it sweet and flavour compounds that create floral, fruity flavours… And you’ll need a tool that can get great flavours from the V60 funnel!

The flavours that you can feel in coffee

With the V60, you can use roasted coffee at a light roast level (Light roast). The roasting level at which the coffee retains the most floral and fruit flavours. Those are the seductive flavours that captivated so many 3rd wave coffee lovers.

Try coffee from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe at a light roast and brew with the V60. You will immediately notice the characteristic jasmine scent of wet-processed Ethiopian coffee, a hint of black tea and the sour taste of orange that makes your mouth water instantly.

Another reason that coffee lovers love Pour Over with the V60 funnel is that: The extracted coffee has an unmistakable taste! Because unlike other brewing methods like Phin or French Press, V60 will retain all the oil in the coffee in the upper layer of filter paper along with the coffee grounds. Oil, coffee grounds, harmful substances, and fine particles are also retained on the paper. Your coffee will be as transparent as tea and full of flavour with Pour Over.

But the V60 funnel alone is not enough to make a difference. Included with the V60 are other items. These items make for a delightful treat for the coffee lover.

Pour Over Tools

The necessary tools include:

Funnel V60: You can choose a typical porcelain funnel shopper is also relatively cheaper than in the past. There are quite a few different materials used to create hoppers, such as Plastic, porcelain, aluminium, copper… Depending on the type of material, the heat release is separate. The exothermic effect affects coffee extraction while pouring. There is no optimal material to bring out the best extraction. Only the skill and creativity of the barista determine the flavour of the Pour Over coffee.


Pouring Kettle:  You need a gooseneck kettle to make delicious Pour Over coffee cups. With the gooseneck design, the water is poured out small and evenly without being noisy like the water pouring from the super-fast kettle. The small and even water flow will help the coffee to be extracted more evenly, thereby avoiding mixing errors that bring a bitter, harsh taste to your coffee cup. Home coffee lovers only need a small pot of about 600ml. No need for functions such as heating water according to temperature. Because a kettle capable of heating water according to temperature will cost 6-8 times more than a standard kettle. A super speed bottle, thermometer small pouring kettle next to you will save you quite a bit of money!

Thermometer:  Just like making tea, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the water for making coffee. If you brew coffee using boiling water (100 degrees Celsius), your coffee will be bitter, burnt and have a burnt taste. If you use too low a temperature, your coffee will be pale. The ideal water temperature for Making Pour Over coffee is 85 to 96 degrees Celsius. And the remarkable thing is that depending on the funnel and pouring method, each water temperature gives different coffee flavours. That is the unique point of Pour over and Specialty coffee. You will have a lot to adjust and discover! Not stopping at temperature, what makes you a “scientist” is a scale.

Small scale with timer: You need to pay attention to the ratio of water to coffee. And the scale will help you create flavours as accurate as 0.1g! With the scale, you can weigh the coffee and weight amount of water you pour over the coffee, from which you have your recipes. You can find the flavours you love every time you make coffee again. Above all, thanks to this scale, you can apply many different recipes from the Pour Over coffee lover community.

A grinder:  Whether it’s Specialty or regular coffee or made with a funnel V60 or Vietnamese filter, you should also use whole bean and ground coffee when brewing. Because grind, the excellent scent of coffee will disappear quickly after only a few minutes. Light scent groups such as floral, berry, peach, and tea… will soon disappear, and the coffee will be damp. The flavour of your coffee cup is only 20% – 30% if you use pre-ground coffee or coffee that is more than one month old. Therefore, buy coffee beans freshly roasted < 1 month, buy an additional hand grinder and enjoy the best flavours of coffee beans. For home coffee lovers, a hand grinder is enough for your passion. On the market today, there are countless types of hand blenders. The cheapest are ceramic blade grinders and then high-end steel blade grinders. You can learn more about the Big hero ceramic blade grinder, a pretty good product with ceramic blades with travel portability and easy cleaning. Also, a home electric blender is not a bad idea if you have a budget.

Above are the necessary tools to create great coffee pots using the Pour Over method with the V60 funnel. In addition, some other small devices, such as spoons, filter cups, fine powder, and coffee pots … with minor uses to make your coffee cup more wonderful.

There are now many Pour Over recipes. Each change in grind size, temperature, and pouring water will produce different flavour results for your coffee. So, Pour Over is a hobby to explore, explore and create, right?

Every cup of your coffee will be enjoyable in a different way!


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