Why Should Coffee Brewing Not Take 100 Degrees Boiling Water?

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Why Should Coffee Brewing Not Take 100 Degrees Boiling Water? You’ve probably said this affirmation many times. This is a common misunderstanding when drinking filter coffee. Coffee prepared by filthy ter is always brand not, bitter for this reason. Coffee is organic food, like your food. Burnt food will lose nutrients and harm health. So is coffee.

Why Should Coffee Brewing Not Take 100 Degrees Boiling Water?

So for the coffee to not burn, it is recommended to use water less than 100 degrees. So how much smaller water is enough. If the temperature is higher than 95º C, the coffee will BURN. Your cup of coffee, if you use water above 95 degrees Celsius, will have a bitter taste like traditional medicine, burning, and harsh.

If the temperature is lower than 85º C, your coffee will be “inert”. You just wet the coffee.
Your coffee cup will be pale and acrid. It’s like you’re eating an unripe apple.

Coffee is BEST when brewed at 85-95º C. But the temperature of the water can change very quickly. How can you control the heat of the water? Makers of dispensers have come up with expensive pour-over kettles that can be set to an expensive temperature. But you don’t need to have too much money to be able to control the brewing temperature.

The simplest and most economical way is to use a thermometer when mixing.

The thermometer will be attached to your pouring kettle. The thermometer’s meter will tell you the temperature of the water in the flask. That way, you’ll be making coffee like a professional barista. No more the bitter taste of burnt food or the acrid taste of an unripe apple. Only full-flavored coffee cups, coffee cups filled with fruit flavors, caramel, chocolate…Not only for measuring water temperature. The thermometer is also a way for amateur Baristas to get used to the temperature of fresh milk when frothing. Fresh milk that is whipped at a temperature of 60-63 degrees will produce the sweetest flavor. Please touch the bottom of the shift to feel and remember this heat.

That’s it, you don’t need an expensive kettle with a perishable temperature setting. Just need a national super speed flask, boil it, and then pour it into a dedicated kettle with a thermometer attached. Many moneyless Baristas in the world have grown up this way.

Why don’t you?

Whoever you are, if you love coffee then a thermometer is an item that will take your coffee cup a notch higher. Buy it now ^^?


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