Helena Coffee Processing & Export in Vietnam | Helena., JSC is a leading supplier, processor, and exporter of Robusta and Arabica coffee in Vietnam. In addition, in exports of pepper and coffee to nations across the country such South-East Asia, China and the world we are regarded as one of the pioneers of success.

What we offer

High-quality Coffee

Best Price

Providing a Large Amount

Responsibilities of Helena coffee

1. Social responsibility
- Changing the community's life, generating long-term revenue for farmers under state direction, providing jobs for disadvantaged individuals, and contributing to the local society.
- Establishing a link between farmers and customers in the consumption of clean agricultural goods that may be traded online.
- Raising the value and quality of coffee and other agricultural products in the direction of clean and organic agriculture, by providing plants with sufficient nutrients to attain the best quality while causing no harm to the environment.
2. Environmental responsibility
- Managing cultivation in the direction of sustainable farming, bolstering organic, and safeguarding the living environment of gardens from farmers to ecosystems.
- Harvesting products using science and method from the moment the coffee beans are fresh until the coffee fruits are uniformly mature.

Chairman of the board Helena.,JSC: Le Ba Hai

Le Ba Hai

Founder (Chief Administer Officer)

Le Ba Hai started this adventure 7 years ago with the development of Vietnamese coffee

Van Nguyen

Co-Founder (Chief Business Officer)

Van started working hard, having the same ideas with Hai from day one

An Nguyen

Deputy CEO

An is one of the first members that started working along side Hai and Van, dedicated to Helena Coffee