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Where to find green coffee beans

Where to find green coffee beans: Coffee is a familiar drink for many people. Many people will choose shops that are familiar with typical flavors. Many people do not have high requirements for this, besides, there are people who want to be able to create the right flavor or simply want to be the one who can make it themselves… For many different purposes. But if you want to start roasting your own coffee, finding a good green coffee beans …

Learn About Arabica Cau Dat Coffee

Learn About Arabica Cau Dat Coffee Cau dat varieties You may not know that the land of Cau Dat – Da lat, where the height of 1,500m, is favored by nature to grow rare arabica dalat cau coffee varieties. Currently, there are two main types of coffee in the coffee market, cau dat specialty, and Robusta. dat Arabica cau is more appreciated because it has a delicious taste. Let Helena learn about Arabica Coffee Bridge Earth. Arabica Cau Dat coffee Coffee arabica was brought to Vietnam …

Origin Of Arabica Coffee

The Oromo people of Ethiopia used coffee centuries before the Kaldi legend and have their tales about the discovery of coffee. Waqa, the supreme sky god, punished one of his loyalists with death. The next day, Waqa visited his tissue and was in tears. A tree growing from the ground is watered by Waqa's tears and coffee (Yedes et al., 2004). This legend points to the origin of Arabica as a wild plant, which the Oromo people found scattered throughout the forests …

Vietnamese Arabica Origin

Arabica has not been commensurate in Vietnam's coffee industry for more than 30 years. Since the 1980s, the coffee industry has not taken measures to prevent pests for Arabica coffee, so there has been a policy to expand the area of Robusta coffee on basalt red land in the Central Highlands provinces. Up to now, Vietnam has produced about 1 million tons of coffee of all kinds, of which mainly coffee and is the world leader in this coffee production. …

What Causes The Acidity Of Coffee?

When acidity is mentioned in the taste of coffee, it's often misunderstood. It's as if you were biting into a slice of lemon with a sour, sharp, sharp and relatively unpleasant sensation. But in the context of coffee, " acidity " is often a desirable characteristic. With a well-balanced coffee, the acidity feels like you're biting into an apple. So, let's learn together with Helena about what causes the acidity of coffee originates? Acidity properties of coffee Many factors affect the acidity of coffee, including seed source, farming method, …