Vietnam Robusta Green Coffee Beans – Fully Washed – SCR18

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

Vietnam Robusta Green Coffee Beans - Fully Washed - SCR18


  • Moisture: 12.5% max. 
  • Admixture: 0.5% max. 
  • Black& Broken: 0.5% max
  • Altitude: 850m
  • Origin: Daklak Province, Vietnam


Rainforest Alliance Certified
Fairtrade Cetified
USDA Certified

About Vietnam Robusta

In the global coffee market, Vietnam is the leading exporter of Robusta coffee. Robusta coffee is grown in approximately 90% of Vietnam’s coffee fields, primarily in the Central Highlands provinces of Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, and Lam Dong.

In addition, several midland locations such as Vung Tau and Dong Nai grow this type of coffee, which produces a high yield. Pleiku, Ayun Pa, Buon Ho, Buon Ma Thuot, and other well-known Robusta coffee-growing regions… The most renowned of these is Buon Ma Thuot, which is known as Vietnam’s coffee capital.



With the characteristics of red basalt soil soil, at an altitude of about 500m – 600m above sea level and cool climate with lots of rain, the Central Highlands is very suitable for Robusta coffee and over hundreds of years, Robusta coffee here has been grown. become famous. The general characteristics of Central Highlands coffee are strong caffeine content, bold taste, and less acidity, but each region offers a different taste. Sometimes it is the greasy taste of butter, oil or caramel, sometimes it is the taste of the sun, the highland wind…

Attitude of coffee


Precipitation, temperature, and humidity have a lot of say in a coffee’s maturation, overall flavor, and quality. Many coffee-producing countries are either primed for growing success or use alternative methods to improve their ecosystem.


500m – 800m






A coffee’s process describes how the seed (aka the coffee bean) is separated from the coffee cherry. Popular methods include washed, dry, and honey, but there are many other processes that put special emphasis on different aspects of these methods.


Fully Washed




Fully Washed


Harvest and export times are based off when a particular coffee will be at its peak quality. Cherries picked at the start of the harvest season tend to be underdeveloped, and those picked at the end are often overdeveloped, so producers aim for that sweet

Oct – Apr

Dec – Sept


Dak Lak Viet Nam

Dak Lak Province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is called the “capital” of Vietnamese coffee because there are boundless green coffee fields on the local basaltic hills which are always full of wind and sunshine. The area is known for many coffee brands, which are not only famous at home, but also exported to more than 80 countries and territories throughout the world.

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