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The Historical Revolution of Espresso (THE EVOLUTION OF THE ESPRESSO)

The Historical Revolution of Espresso – Why is it possible for Espresso to go from a low-cost everyday beverage to a drink with cultural significance and a high price tag? The root of this transition, Italian-style coffees, have become so widespread in various European coffee cultures that they affect the care sector and consumption. at home, where Starbuck has developed a global empire exclusively based on Espresso extract — a first in the coffee industry When it comes to cappuccino culture, the sophisticated position …
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What is Robusta Coffee? – Origins & Biological Characteristics | Helena Coffee Vietnam

Robusta, also known as Robusta coffee, belongs to the genus Canephora (nomenclature: Coffea canephora); together with C. Arabica, this is one of the two main types of commercially grown coffee in the world.  Robusta is also an essential variety of Vietnam’s coffee industry, contributing to the 2nd position in the coffee output. However, it is necessary to know that Robusta accounts for less than 30% of the total global coffee production structure, with the remainder belonging to Arabica varieties and their …

Cafe Worker Beat Off the Robber With Hot Coffee

The controversy among athletes and followers of a healthy lifestyle is often disputed about the admissibility of drinking coffee before or after training. This is normal because people who play sports try to monitor the health of their bodies and eat predominantly healthy and non-harmful foods. And although scientists have long studied the composition of the coffee drink, the debate about its effect on the body has not subsided so far. But be that as it may, scientists still have …

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