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Specialty Coffee Supplier Wholesale – Best Coffee in Vietnam

Specialty Coffee Supplier Wholesale: Specialty coffee is a unique coffee production process. Helena Coffee Vietnam – Helena., JSC is proud to supply high-quality specialty coffee. Specialty coffee has become a legacy, a symbol of premium quality. With distinct and unique values, specialty coffee is not just a beverage. It is an endless source of inspiration for coffeeholic. Special requirements for raw materials for high-quality specialty coffee suppliers Strict standards on the best source of ingredients for specialty coffee wholesale The taste of specialty coffee comes …
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What is Fine Robusta? Facts Everyone Should Know

What is Fine Robusta? - Is a Robusta coffee graded to ” Fine ” by R Grader. R Grader is certified by CQI. The process of grading green and roasted coffee beans through cupping according to CQI & SCA standards. “Fine,” not simply as good or better. What is Fine Robusta? For Arabica coffee to be called “Specialty grade coffee”, a lot of coffee needs to be graded by Q grader through 1. assessing the quality of green coffee, and 2. through cupping according to SCA’s standards and rules. Coffee with 80 points or more is …