4 Tips For Brewing Less Bitter Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

“… Coffee isn’t always bitter. Your cup  of coffee can be completely sweet  and sour, full of natural fruit flavors because coffee  is  inherently a fruit that…”

The main reasons for the unpleasant bitter taste of coffee are:

Reason 1: Low-quality raw coffee.

Reason 2: Coffee is roasted and marinated.

Reason 3: The technique of making coffee is not correct.

And so you can solve the above problems and get less bitter coffee You need to apply the four tips below to your coffee cup.

Tip 1: Switch to high-quality coffee.

It would help if you gradually switched to drinking high-quality coffee  such as:
–  Specialty Coffee   (the name for high-quality Arabica coffee ) –   Fine Robusta coffee  (the name for high-quality Robusta varieties ). To identify with the naked eye, you can rely on the following characteristics.

1. Coffee beans have uniform color:

Ranging in color from light brown to dark brown. In particular, there are no particles that are too distinct from yellow or black.

2.  Coffee has a mild natural scent:

Absolutely not the buttery scents or aromas like the usual marinated coffee.

3. Having a clear origin:

The bags of high-quality coffee all have specific information about the growing area, farm, preprocessor,  coffee roasting date, etc.

You can find and buy these types of coffee by using the following keyword: [ Specialty / Fine Robusta coffee ] + The name of the country of coffee you want to drinkFor example, Vietnamese Specialty  Coffee Ethiopian  Specialty  Coffee.  Vietnam Fine Robusta  CoffeeUganda Fine Robusta Coffee

Tip 2: Use light and rustic roasted

If you use whole beans, give preference to: –  Wood- roasted coffees: Because the taste of the coffee you drink will be completely natural,  you won’t have to worry about your health. As for coffee mixed with flavoring, it is difficult for you to know what you just drank. And the coffee beans are roasted at a light level (Light Roast): Because the coffee you drink will not only be less bitter but also help you prevent cancer. Due to coffee

burnt, black oil is like burnt meat, burnt corn. All have turned to coal and are not good for health. Above all, coffee beans roasted at a light level will retain the most fruit flavors.

Tip 3: Choose  the right  brewing method; the easiest is Cold Brew

There are many ways to make your coffee less bitter. But above all, Cold Brew is a   simple way to make your coffee less bitter. – Simply because you need to take the coffee steeped in a pot of cold water, then put it in the refrigerator, and you’re done. Each crime is to wait longer, from 12 to 20 hours. –  Less bitterness is because   Cold Brew is difficult to make coffee taste bitter.

Because the temperature of cold brew water is always in the range of 5 – 10 degrees Celsius, at this temperature, caffeine or bitter acids are more difficult to dissolve in water. At the same time, sweet and sour flavors can be released more. Therefore,  Cold  Brew coffee is a rather pleasant-tasting coffee suitable for most people.


Tip 4: Adjust 3 factors of Temperature – Grind Size – Time.

The principle of this adjustment is to help you get the least amount of bitterness out of the coffeeWhen brewed, coffee will usually burst into flavors in the order of Salty – Sour – Sweet –  Bitter  – Umami (Main noodle flavor). Therefore, if you want your coffee to be less bitter, you should let the coffee expand to the sweet points and maybe a little bit at the bitter point. And to  do  that, you can adjust three factors of Temperature – Grind Size – Time as follows:

1. The water temperature should be between 87 – 95 degrees Celsius


The higher the water temperature, the faster your coffee will release its bitter flavors. Therefore, keep your temperature in a safe range. If you make it bitter the first time, the next time, you can reduce the heat by 1.2 degrees. Vista’s suggested temperatures are around 90 – 91 in summer and 92 – 95 in winter.

2. Grind  coarser and bigger coffee if  bitter 

The coarser and bigger the coffee
powder,  the harder it is to produce the bitter taste. Therefore, if you are making coffee and feel bitter, please adjust the grind size to 1 to 2 steps. And try until you feel like drinking is okay. Conversely, if you find the coffee sour and salty, reduce the grind size slightly.

3. Reduce the brew time slightly.

The longer the brewing time, the more bitter the coffee will be. Depending on the brewing method, you should reduce the brewing time if you find the taste bitter. Like Pour Over, if you are brewing for 3 minutes, it can be reduced to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Similarly, if you find a salty, sour taste, you can further increase the coffee extraction time.

And those are four tips to help you limit the bitterness in your coffee. I hope you can immediately make lovely sweet and sour coffee.