Best coffee recipe in the world: Discover 6 world-famous coffee recipes. Not simply a drink, enjoying coffee together is an art. The combination of ingredients on a traditional coffee background creates a unique highlight in the cultures of countries around the world. Together with Cau Dat Farm, you can see more than 7 world-famous coffee recipes right in the following article.

1. Miel Coffee – Spain


Spanish Miel coffee is a harmonious blend of sweet honey, hot milk, cinnamon powder on a traditional espresso coffee background. For Miel coffee, baristas must especially adhere to the exact quantity in the recipe to create the perfect Miel coffee flavor. The sweet taste of honey combined with the greasy taste of fresh milk, interspersed with the typical bitter taste of espresso, makes the audience nostalgic right from the first taste.

2. Kaffe Tonic Coffee – Sweden

Tonic water is an indispensable ingredient in this unique Kaffe Tonic coffee recipe. Tonic water, espresso, and ice are combined together in a certain ratio, providing a rich, cool coffee taste. Swedes enjoy Kaffe Tonic coffee on hot summer days, helping to refresh and relax the body. Tonic water helps to neutralize the bitter taste and become milder.

3. Pharisear Coffee – Germany

German Pharisear coffee is famous for its rich flavor that comes from the combination of strong coffee, rum, and greasy fresh cream. Sip small sips of Pharisear coffee to feel the passionate rhum yeast spreading to all senses, gently awakening the taste buds, full of attraction.

4. Kaffeost Cheese Coffee – Finland and Sweden


Cheese is the unique ingredient in Finnish and Swedish Kaffeost coffee recipes. Dip a piece of cheese into a hot cup of coffee, the cheese slowly melts and blends into the coffee, promoting a very characteristic coffee aroma. If you have the opportunity, relax, sip attractive cups of Kaffeost coffee and admire the magnificent landscape of the Swedish-Finnish border. This is also an interesting hobby of many tourists when coming here.

5. Coffee with lettuce flowers – India

The purple color and salty taste of the chicory flower is the unique highlight in the coffee cups of many Indians. Lettuce flowers help slow down the process of filtering coffee through the filter, making coffee more rich and fragrant. The slightly aromatic fatty taste of fresh milk and the mild sweetness of refined white sugar will make the coffee more attractive.

6. The combination of coffee and concentrated sugar water – Brazil

Cafezinho is the name of a strong cup of coffee, typical of the South American country. The difference of cafezinho lies in the recipe. Sugar is mixed with water before it is brought to a boil, creating a clear, concentrated, and mixed sugar water solution. When dissolving coffee with sugar water, coffee will have a rich taste and a very attractive aroma.


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