Cascara – “Tea” from coffee pods

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Cascara – “Tea” from coffee pods

“Cascara” – derived from the Spanish term – refers to the dried coffee bean pods that are used as “tea.” The cherries are traditionally peeled during wet or semi-wet processing, which is not commercially viable and is completely destroyed.

In Bolivia, however, locals dried the peel and used it to produce drinking water, referring to it as “poor man’s coffee.

Cascara – “Tea” from coffee pods

Recently, people’s interest in Cascara has had a huge increase. Cascara has participated in many World Barista Championship programs in the “Signature drink” rounds. Outside of competitions, Cascara is used in a variety of ways: Hot Cascara, Bottled Cascara, Coldbrew, Pre-Espresso Flavors, etc.

Cascara – “Tea” from coffee pods

Because Cascara can be obtained from a multitude of different berry varieties. , it also exhibits a multitude of different flavor profiles, but basically – it’s a dried fruit so it’s easy to see raisins, fruit, sherry…


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