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Since the Neo-Stone Age, humans have used fermentation to produce all kinds of beverages and pickles. Fermentation is a metabolic process that turns sugar into acid, gas, or alcohol. It is often widely used to describe the growth of microorganisms. Changes in temperature, timing, sugar, and type of bacteria will produce different results during fermentation, so coffee producers are always looking for control over how we ferment (during wet – or semi-wet processing) and looking for better results understandings of existing processes and environments.

Coffee terms about Processing | The process you should know is as follows:

Fermentation can positively impact coffee flavors, such as added acidity or sweetness or better taste balance. It also has the potential to lose the properties and potential of coffee taste if the fermentation goes too far out of control.



Ferment is considered a taste defect when over-fermented coffee, creating an unpleasant sour feeling on the tongue. This fermented taste is produced because the sugar inside the grain is converted into acid by enzymes in coffee beans.


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