Green Coffee Extract

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Green Coffee Extract

 The Coffee Decaffeination Process results in the production of coffee extract. Green coffee extract is created by steeping unroasted green coffee beans in hot water to allow them to release caffeine and other soluble components into the water.

Green Coffee Extract

The Swiss Water procedure method is used in the decaffeination technique (Swiss dehydration). Coffee beans will be soaked in GCE – a solution containing the same soluble components as coffee beans – and the caffeine in the beans will diffuse into the GCE solution due to the concentration differential.

Green Coffee Extract

After the GCE has reached a high caffeine concentration (equilibrium with the beans), it is passed through activated carbon, which absorbs the caffeine while keeping the other green coffee soluble components intact, and the GRE restarts. Green coffee in plenty. This is an 8–10 hour continuous cyclic process that reduces the remaining caffeine in the grain to less than 1%.


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    Could you please share the following information:
    1. Natural caffeine 99%
    2. Coffee extract crude
    If yes could you please share the specification and price. We are one of the leading natural ingredients supplier in India.

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