Vietnam Coffee Weasel: What Makes This Unique?

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Vietnam Coffee Weasel: What Makes This Unique? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Vietnam Coffee Weasel: What Makes This Unique? – Coffee weasel once thought to be the dirtiest and only used by farmers, is now the most expensive coffee in the world, with prices per kilogram reaching tens of millions of dong.

So what makes Vietnam coffee weasel unique? Why is weasel coffee so well-liked despite its pricey nature? With Helena Coffee’s help, let’s find out in the story that follows!

Coffee weasel: What is it?

Weasel dung coffee is another name for the coffee weasel. Due to the unusual production method, this coffee is scarce and expensive. Ferrets adore eating each coffee berry’s flesh and outer skin in the wild.

Vietnam Coffee Weasel: What Makes This Unique? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Following consumption, the coffee beans’ meat is broken down, and as the kernel travels through the weasel’s digestive tract, it comes into contact with enzymes and undergoes natural fermentation.

Weasel coffee has a distinctive flavour thanks to a comprehensive processing method once the kernel is released.

Coffee weasel’s silk skin is also darker, richer in colour, more challenging, and more brittle than the silk skin of common coffee beans.

Coffee weasel has a unique and alluring flavour because, when it is roasted, the sugars embedded into the endosperm shell of the bean react with the proteins that have been broken down (Maillard reaction) to divide.

People in Southeast Asia refer to coffee weasel by a variety of names, including Kopi Luwak, Kopi Muncak, and Kopi Muntjak in Indonesia, Kape Alamid in the Philippines, and Kafe-laku in East Timor,…

What does coffee make from Vietnam coffee weasel taste like?

Vietnam coffee weasel has a fatty flavor that is less acidic than conventional coffee. It also has a unique flavor that is softer, more pleasant, and a medley of flavors.

Vietnam coffee weasel has a flavour that some people find nearly musty, but it also has a unique appeal, a rich flavour with a blend of delicate sweetness like chocolate, caramel, etc. The fruity scent is mild and elegant, with a delightful bitterness.

Weasel digestion of the coffee beans in their stomachs, the effect of enzymes on the protein modification of the coffee beans, and the expulsion of a bit of waste are the sources of the distinctive scent and flavour of Vietnam coffee weasel certain acids.

Vietnam coffee weasel has a costly price tag because wild mink is rare in the wild and has complex processing requirements. As a result, this is a sophisticated beverage for a gathering of wealthy, elite, or special people.

Vietnam coffee weasel cost

Customers must comprehend the distinction between Vietnam coffee weasel and “Weasel Flavored Coffee” in the current market because just a few hundred thousand dong per kilo, or tens of millions of dong annually, are sold for each sign.

Weasel-flavoured coffee, on the other hand, is coffee that has additional flavours and impurities like corn, beans, etc.

Because of this, the selling price of this particular coffee typically only varies by a few hundred thousand per kilogram.

Vietnam Coffee Weasel: What Makes This Unique? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

As a result, the selling price of pure Vietnam coffee weasel will be extremely high. Here, we’ll list the pricing of well-known brands, specifically:

  • Coffee weasel, Trung Nguyen brand, 250 gram pack, 16 million.
  • Trung Nguyen Legend 225-gram pack of coffee weasel costs 850 thousand.
  • Natural coffee weasel may be purchased for 9.5 million for a group of 250 grams.
  • A 250 gram packet of Robusta coffee weasel costs 2.5 million.
  • 250 grams of mocha coffee weasel are available for 3.3 million VND.
  • A kilogram of coffee weasel grown in Binh Phuoc sells for around 4 million.
  • A kilogram of the coffee weasel grown at the Dak Lak farm costs roughly 12 million VND.

Since Vietnam coffee weasel is regarded as one of the more expensive beverages, it is important to carefully analyze the brand, price, reputation, and other factors before making a purchase to prevent getting a subpar product market is oversupplied and contaminated.

Processing Vietnam coffee weasel

Vietnam coffee weasel beans are exceedingly hard to come by initially because ferrets and spotted civets use coffee as one of their main diets. In the woods, one must search every dunghill to find the coffee beans.

Additionally, weasels are often equipped with GPS trackers to make it easier to find and harvest them, but because there are so few of them, collecting Vietnam coffee weasel beans is difficult.

To accommodate the growing demand for coffee weasels, weasel farming models for feeding coffee beans have been developed.

Following collection, it will go through the following meticulous and precise processing steps:

Tidy wash

Because the coffee weasel beans are now mixed with excrement, the first stage in that process is to clean it properly.

This phase must ensure that the coffee beans have no stains, signs, or flavours from the coffee plant fox.


The moisture content of coffee weasel beans will then be reduced to between 10% and 13%, which is adequate, by equally spreading them out in the sun.

The processor’s knowledge and computation are needed at this level.

Divide the husk

The husk, which the weasel’s stomach cannot fully digest, is ejected into the faeces. The husk prevents contamination by keeping the coffee beans separate from the ferret’s waste.

So, following the sun-drying step, the coffee weasel beans will be placed in the husk separator stage, followed by the rigorous and cautious hand screening stage.

Each coffee bean is rated, graded, and sorted by several criteria to select the best beans.
Weasel coffee beans go through the three methods before roasting to achieve the highest quality.


In terms of quality, fragrance, and flavour, roasting is one of the most crucial and decisive steps in processing coffee beans.

Vietnam Coffee Weasel: What Makes This Unique? - Helena Coffee Vietnam

Coffee weasel is roasted similarly to regular coffee. Still, the roasting intensity is relatively moderate, preventing the distinctive taste structure created by the weasel stomach from being disrupted and retaining the natural flavour of this coffee.

To preserve the greatest fragrance and flavor, promptly cool coffee weasel beans after roasting before vacuum-packaging.


There is no doubting Vietnam coffee weasel’s excellent flavour and quality. However, because it is so hot, many locations have begun feeding weasel coffee beans to make weasel coffee.

In terms of humans, nurturing and containing wild animals damages nature. So before purchasing and utilizing this product, please think about it.



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