Vietnamese Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier: Sustainable Coffee Export Cooperation With Helena Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee Exporter

Vietnamese Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier: Sustainable Coffee Export Cooperation With Helena Coffee. Throughout many years of operation and growth on the domestic and global markets. The second-most traded well in the world is generally regarded as coffee.
As a result, people at home and abroad now regard Helena Coffee Vietnam as a supplier of green coffee.
Building the Helena Coffee brand is progressing with the objective of Making Farmers Lives Better!”
The selection of suppliers with whom to work inevitably faces challenges from partners who are likewise concerned with product quality, cost, and business operations. Consequently, readers will learn more about Helena Coffee Vietnam through this post. Along with addressing the issues customers encounter while deciding on a partner.

What are Specialty Coffee Beans?

Specialty coffee is coffee from a growing region with natural conditions and extra attention paid to the harvesting and processing procedures. When tasting, specialty coffee has its distinct flavor and scores 80 points or higher under criteria and standards. World Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and World Coffee Quality Institute review method (CQI).

Helena Coffee Vietnam Supply Specialty Coffee

And when it comes to specialty green coffee, it’s impossible not to mention Helena Coffee Vietnam.

Helena, one of Vietnam’s coffee exporters, was established in 2016. After years of development, our products are available in numerous nations and areas of the globe, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Ukraine, the Middle East, European countries, and the United States. 🍒🍒🍒

We are a business focused on making and exporting Vietnamese coffee-related goods, including green coffee, instant coffee, roasted coffee, roasted coffee equipment, and other items.
With six years of establishment and construction, Helena Coffee has consistently aimed to create a productive working environment, long-term partnerships, and benefits for domestic and international partners.

The young but eager leadership group must be highlighted to acquire Helena Coffee today. He was courageous enough to execute fresh ideas. Since then, our business has achieved unprecedented success in coffee exporting.

In addition, our crew is youthful, energetic, and proficient in customer service, marketing, and closing sales. Helena Coffee also often engages in learning and exchanges with other businesses to help the staff members become more complete and competent in their working lives.

To achieve the objective of being a reputable brand-named, high-quality, and reasonably priced Vietnamese specialty green coffee provider.

Aim to manage the quality and the growing, caring for, harvesting, processing, and packaging processes by the company’s production process: environmentally friendly, focusing on protecting the landscape, using input materials reasonably, and not adversely affecting the environment, particularly human health. To advance agriculture in a sustainable and long-term manner, one must utterly respect and adhere to the rules of nature.

We believe Helena Coffee will help change the community’s life, provide long-term income for farmers, and create work prospects for thousands of generations in the future with a long-term partnership with people, in particular, following the state’s directives. Generating employment for underprivileged individuals and reducing local social ills To improve the quality of life for farmers is a humanitarian goal with many human values.

Vietnamese Specialty Green Coffees Bean 

Moka Cau Dat Green and Roasting Coffee Supplier

A Moka green coffee varietal called Cau Dat Moka green coffee is grown in Cau Dat, a prominent location in Da Lat, Vietnam. Cau Dat is the only location in Vietnam appropriate for cultivating this sort of coffee, with an elevation of more than 1600m above sea level and perfect weather. We supply Moka green coffee bean suppliers as follows:

  • Moisture: 12.5% max.
  • Admixture: 0.1% max.
  • Black& Broken: 0.1% max
  • >90% on Screen No.16 (6.3mm)
  • Altitude: 1600m
  • Origin: Cau Dat, Lam Dong
  • Roasting Level: Light to Medium
Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier
Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier: Moka Cau Dat, Lam Dong

Arabica Fully Washed Green Coffee Beans

Helena Coffee Vietnam offers Arabica green coffee – unroasted coffee beans as follows:

  • Moisture: 12.5% max.
  • Admixture: 0.2% max.
  • Black& Broken: 0.2% max,
  • >90% on Screen No.18 (7.1mm)
  • Altitude: 1350m
  • Origin: Cau Dat
  • Grade: Specialty
  • Roasting Level: Light to Medium
Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier
Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier: Specialty Arabica

Robusta Honey Green Coffee Beans

A fantastic completed product from Buon Ma Thuot is the Robusta Honey green coffee product line, which is manufactured entirely from Robusta coffee beans that are either harvested by hand or separated from their green state using sophisticated machinery (Dak Lak). Helena Coffee Vietnam is proud of a green coffee supplier with Robusta Honey with high-quality:

  • Moisture: 12.5% max.
  • Admixture: 0.2% max.
  • Black& Broken: 0.2% max,
  • >90% on Screen No.18 (7.1mm)
  • Altitude: 850m
  • Origin: Daklak
  • Grade: Fine Robusta
  • Roasting Level: Medium
Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier
Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier: Fine Robusta Honey from Vietnam

Robusta Wet Polished Green Coffee Beans

The standards exported for Robusta Wet Polished green coffee beans:

  • Moisture: 12.5% max.
  • Admixture: 1% max.
  • Black& Broken: 3% max,
  • >90% on Screen No.18 (7.1mm)
  • Altitude: 800m
  • Origin: Daklak
  • Roasting Level: From Medium to Dark

Peaberry Robusta Coffee Beans

Many roasters find a supplier to buy Peaberry Robusta coffee distributor from Vietnam, but it’s hard to find this. Helena Coffee is a Peaberry Robusta wholesale from Vietnam origins:

  • Moisture: 12.5% max.
  • Admixture: 0.2% max.
  • Black& Broken: 0.2% max,
  • Altitude: 850m
  • Origin: Daklak
  • Roasting Level: From Medium to Dark
  • Price: 2.7 USD to 3.0 USD/KG
Vietnamese Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier
Vietnamese Specialty Green Coffee Beans Supplier: Peaberry Robusta Coffee

Customers can also get instant coffee products from Helena Coffee.

Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

Freeze-drying is an advanced method that can retain the highest standards of quality and best product quality concerning the natural flavor and flavor elements of extracted instant coffee of equivalent quality.

  • Ingredients: 50% Arabica + 50% Robusta
  • Shape: Granular
  • Color: Typical coffee brown
  • Taste: Bitter, mildly sour
  • Fragrance: Chocala, fruit
  • Coffee content printed: >= 2.5%
  • Humidity: <5%
  • Expiry date: 24 months
  • Shipping: by ships, airs, DHL express shipping, FedEx shipping…

Spray-Dried Instant Coffee

  • Ingredients: Arabica + Robusta
  • Shape: Fine powder
  • Colour: Characteristic coffee brown colour
  • Taste: Sour, mildly bitter
  • Fragrance: Herbs
  • Printed coffee content: >= 2.5%
  • Humidity: <5%
  • Expiry date: 24 months
  • Shipping: by ships, airs, DHL express shipping, FedEx shipping…

How to Buy Green Coffee Specialty from Vietnam origins?

Helena Coffee Vietnam offers:

  • Diversified products; high quality; and prestige: Having a coffee farm in our line results in high-quality products, which elevates the company’s coffee brand and gives it status. To satisfy the needs of both domestic and international clients, Helena Coffee has diversified its line of coffee products. Supply everything from mass-produced goods to premium goods that have been packed and processed to meet consumer specifications
  • The Fair Trade Certification, USDA Organic Certification, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Direct Trade Certified (core coffee program) are a few of the certifications Helena Coffee has earned.
  • Helena Coffee constantly strives for mutually beneficial long-term relationships with its partners.
  • We have a team of youth leaders and employees full of passion and attention to their work. Significantly, the discount rate is exceptionally competitive, saving costs and increasing income, ready to reply to and address all consumer needs and inquiries.

By doing this, Helena Coffee hopes to reach out to potential partners—groups, companies, or people—who might be interested in working with us. Let’s cooperate to boost export value and provide advantages for both parties.

With the aforementioned benefits from Helena Coffee, we are confident that working with the business will enable us to provide consumers a wide range of services and the best practices in terms of pricing, quality, and profit. Helena Coffee Vietnam has consistently espoused the value of collaboration for mutual success, development, and profit-making. We’ll be sure to get your attention as quickly as we can! 🍒🍒🍒


For more information, please contact at:
🏢 Company office: 124 Ngo Quyen, Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak, Vietnam
☎  Phone number (Whatsapp/Telegram): +84 789 818 828 (Mr. An) / +84 262 392 8688
📧 E-mail:
🌏 Website:
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