What makes coffee naturally sour?

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The sour taste of coffee comes from the acids present in coffee. Acid is a natural ingredient in many foods such as lemons, vinegar, yogurt, and even coffee. There are hundreds of acid compounds present in coffee, but the main content of this article will only talk about the primary acids that affect the taste of coffee.

Citric acid is usually found in high citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and tangerines. It can make up to 8% of the mass of these fruits. This is the most common acid in fruits, which is also the most recognizable.

sour taste of coffee
The sour taste of coffee

2. Acid Malic

Malic acid is found in fruits like green apples and similar green fruits like green apples. Be it green grapes or kiwi… Malic acid is liquid, soluble in water, and has the aroma of apples. The main ingredient that makes apples sour is this acid.

sour taste of coffee
The sour taste of coffee

3. Acid Tartaric

Tartaric acid is found in many fruits such as apricots, avocados, apples, sunflower seeds, bananas, tamarind, especially black grapes.

sour taste of coffee
The sour taste of coffee

4. Acid Acetic

Acetic acid is exceptional. It has a characteristic grape flavor. In addition, it also makes you feel like wine.


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