Why is Coffee Bean Grinding Size So Important?

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“Getting the right size of coffee grinding is essential to making a perfect cup of coffee.” Why is the grind size of coffee’s beans so important? Let’s find out with Helena!

1. Why is Coffee Bean Grinding Size Important?

Regardless of your coffee-making method, brewing involves extracting flavor and caffeine from coffee powder. The smoother you grind them, the more the surface area of contact of coffee powder with water increases, resulting in faster extraction. That’s why espresso is finely ground, while the cold brew is coarsely ground (the 30s of espresso compared to 5p of coffee beans to and more than 15 hours of cold brew).

Why is Coffee Bean Grinding Size So Important?
Famous coffee bean grinding size description

2. Benefits of Coffee Beans That Have Been Freshly Ground

People love to drink coffee, so the manufacturer must also aim for convenience by pre-grinding them. It’s easy to find pre-ground coffee at a supermarket or convenience store, but why do we recommend grinding your coffee at home?

The aroma of freshly ground roasted coffee is charming and challenging to put into words.

The main reason is that whole-grain coffee can be preserved longer. They retain a better taste and aroma than the powdered form. After roasting, the deterioration process of coffee has officially started slowly, and the flavor-containing combinations will slowly break out of the coffee beans, resulting in the coffee only the taste of old paper.

Pre-ground coffee only retains its best taste for a few days, so it’s best to buy them in minimal quantities.

3. Common Coffee Bean Grinding Sizes, Grind Size Consistency

If you have a coffee grinder at home, you can experiment with various sizes to find the one that works best for you. To get started, check your brewing method with the examples in the following table.

"Sub-production is more likely to occur with raw ground coffee samples."
Corresponding to each grind size is a suitable method of brewing coffee

Tip: If your coffee tastes pale or too sour, you may be grind size consistency raw. Try smoother grinding and see if they can overcome the situation above. If your coffee is too bitter, you may be grind size affect too smoothly. Practice regularly to understand better how to use your coffee to make yourself more professional.

4. Factors That Can Affect The Taste in a Coffee Cup

The grinding size is just the beginning. Time and water temperature also help you a lot.

Coffee Brewing Time Measurement

The general rule is that the smaller the size of the coffee bean grind, the shorter the extraction time. Satisfactory grinding methods require quick implementation. Otherwise, they are at risk of being over-extracted.

“Sub-production is more likely to occur with raw ground coffee samples.”

In another development, cold annealing methods take longer to achieve the optimal extraction level, which is related to the temperature of cold water and the level of highly rough grinding.

How standard is the standard water temperature?

According to studies, most coffee-making activities using hot water should be done with water between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius. Competitions and guidelines from industry experts also recommend boiling water in the same heat threshold so that the quality of coffee brewing is always the most stable.


Suppose you’re using an automatic dispenser at home. In that case, the manufacturer will have specific instructions for you to set the water temperature (or the manufacturer will pre-install it for you to press the button).

Tip: Once you’ve finished making the coffee, it will start to cool down quickly. The temperature measurement in the finished coffee cup is not an accurate measure of the broth temperature at the beginning of the preparation.

In cold annealing methods, we, of course, need cold water. The usual recipe will require you to brew for 8-12 hours sometimes. You keep changing by increasing or decreasing the time if you do not feel satisfied with your recipe.

What is Under-The-Level Coffee?

Coffee extracted too quickly can come from two factors (coffee is ground too rough or the extraction time is too fast), so the coffee you drink is quite pale and unstable (lacking or not extracting the desired flavors).

Why is Coffee Bean Grinding Size So Important?
“A cup of sour bean coffee, harsh, pale and without after-taste.”

So what about the taste of over-extracted coffee?

In contrast to insufficiently extracted coffee, this time, they are removed for too long (or used a lot). The tastes appear in the water too much. The result is a rich, bitter and harsh taste (the same feeling as the taste of the chemical).

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