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Full City Roast? It refers to the degree of roasting of coffee beans darker in color than City Roast. The beans pass through the first crack but halt before reaching the second crack in this roasting. Most of its beans will be extremely dry, with only a few oily patches. Some of the green coffee qualities are lost when coffee is brewed from it.

Full City Roast

To make it easier to visualize, we’ll divide roasted coffee into three categories: light, medium, and dark roasting:

  1. Cinnamon roast – Light Roast (collectively known as Light Roast)
  2. Medium Roast / American Roast, City Roast
  3. Dark Roast / Full City roast, Vienna Roast, French Roast, Italian Roast
  • The caramelization step considerably reduces the natural sugars in the nut, and the acidity is almost wholly muted, resulting in a roasted flavor. It has a hefty body (vibrant) and is homogeneous due to this (because it has lost the original, characteristic flavors of the nut).

In some situations, it is also known as Viennese Roast, Light French Roast, and Light Espresso Roast.


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