Heirloom Varietals

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Heirloom – although it means “Heirloom,” in the case of coffee, we can understand “Heirloom Varietals” as “Indigenous varieties.”

Some Arabica coffees don’t fit neatly into the typical bourbon classification scheme. These are native plants available in the wild in Ethiopia and Sudan, and they are genuinely “distinct” from those plants brought to Yemen that have turned into typical bourbon.
Thousands of Ethiopian Heirloom coffee trees are natural descendants of wild coffee trees. Many areas (villages) have their coffee varieties, which local people have cultivated according to their local growing conditions. People referred to these cultivars as “Heirloom Varietals.”

Gesha / Geisha

Gesha (often spelled “Geisha “) represents the aforementioned native varieties. It spread from the small town of Gesha, Ethiopia, to Costa Rica. Gesha only grows well in specific microclimates with significant elevations (one area around Boquete, Panama), making it a reasonably rare nut.

Giống cà phê Gesha hay Geisha

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