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Mouthfeel – Mouthfeel means the way food feels in your mouth. It includes texture, moisture, fluidity, temperature, chewiness, greasiness, astringency, pain sensation (like from hot peppers), and any other tactile experiences we get when chewing or swallowing.

Along with aroma (scent), taste (taste), mouthfeel contributes to the overall perception of coffee flavor or flavor and is an essential factor in the perception of “body coffee. “

Coffee is not only seen, smelled, and tasted but also “felt.”

Mouthfeel and Body coffee

With the first sip, the interaction between the coffee and the general oral cavity provides a great deal of tactile information. Therefore, with the first sip, we can test the coffee’s tactile balance ( mouthfeel ), especially the texture and consistency felt in the mouth, which determines the so-called “body” of coffee.

The term “body” describes the physical and tactile properties perceived by the mouth, such as the feeling of “heaviness” when coffee lingers on the tongue.

Coffee is defined as a solid and pleasant whole body (Full body) when it has a tactile viscous sensation, a “roundness,” and a nice greasy feeling in the mouth due to different types of coffee—oil and sugar in coffee makeup.


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