What Does Coffee With An Earthy Flavor Taste Like?

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Do you love coffee and look forward to enjoying a cup, but you wish you had a better appreciation for the multitude of subtle taste differences and experiences? Then you need to develop a more refined coffee palate. So what does coffee with an earthy flavour taste like? 

Earthy Flavor Coffee

  • The aroma is characteristic of fresh earth, wet soil, or raw potatoes. While not necessarily a negative factor, earthiness may be caused by moulds during the processing harvested coffee cherries. Earthy notes, for example, are commonly found in semi-dry processed coffees from Indonesia.
  • Earthy – An aroma of fresh earth or wet soil. It can be considered both good and bad but sometimes refers to the presence of different types of mould.

  • Earthy is a flavour term with some ambivalence, used positively in some cases, and negatively in others.: Sumatra coffees can have a favourable earthy flavour, sometimes described as “wet earth” or “humus” or “forest” flavours. But Earthy is a flavour term with some ambivalence, used positively in some cases, negatively in others. Usually, if we use the time dirty, ground or swampy, we are implying a negative earth flavour, but earthy itself in Indonesia coffees is a positive assertion. Earthy in a Central America wet-process coffee is NOT a positive term, though, since it is out of character and does not fit the flavour profile.

Unpleasant earthy taste, why?

By edition

I roasted the same bean (and still have some three # of these big green babies…) a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t find it “earthy”. It was rather good and what made it not excellent was probably the handling of my new Huky 500 roaster.
What I tasted with this bean was a bit of what I expected, i.e. mature fruit and citrus notes. Nothing too heavy.

In general, I think that a freshly roasted coffee does have all the characteristics there, but like a good stew, it will benefit from a day or two in the fridge… The fresh coffee seems to have the tastes going quite sharp in different directions, whereas the same coffee after 5-7 days has those same tastes more collected. In short, a very fresh tends to be a bit sharp. Earthiness is not a characteristic which will fade away, though.

By another_jim

If you’ve roasted it before, and the dry aroma is clean, then the coffee is pure, and it’s probably in the roast (unless you switched to some bad brewing practice, like unbleached paper). It will likely go away in a few days when the aromatics fade, but the coffee won’t be up to par.



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