What Is Moka Coffee? – Characteristics Of Moka Coffee

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Moka coffee beans belong to one of the five most popular and appreciated coffees in the Vietnamese market. For those passionate about this drink, Moka will surely be a great choice with a charming and harmonious taste. Let’s Helena learn more about this type of coffee through the following article.

Moka coffee is the Queen of coffee with its light and seductive aroma.

The origin of coffee 

Researchers confirm Moka coffee originates from Yemen. Professor Marco Polo discovered him. On one occasion, he moved from Europe to Arabia. When the food on the ship was exhausted, he and his entourage stopped at a pier. He met a Yemeni who sold Moka coffee beans. He bought it and brought it back to Europe. Years later, this drink became popular in European countries.

According to documents, Moka coffee originated from Yemen.

In Vietnam, coffee appeared in the 19th century. With the expeditionary corps from France. They have grown coffee in Lam Vien plateau, 1500-1600 m above sea level. The soil conditions are very suitable for growing this plant.

However, in Da Lat, Mocha coffee is grown less. Due to low yield, increased resistance to pests and diseases is not high compared to other types of coffee. Many people have chosen to intercrop Catimor coffee with Moka to ensure quality and output. At present, the ancient Mocha variety is still preserved and developed very famously by the people of Da Lat in Cau Dat.

What does Moka coffee taste like?

The taste of Moka coffee will surely make those who have tasted it once remember it forever. Compared to other coffee varieties, the taste of Moka coffee will be much more emotional, about taste, and feel more different.

Cafe Moka has a strong fragrance with a mild, easy-to-drink taste.

Moka has a milder taste due to less caffeine content, and at the same time, it has a bit sour taste, just enough bitterness to feel the essence of heaven and earth. Moka’s scent is passionate, ecstatic, but very luxurious. Therefore, this type of coffee is often more suitable for women, especially, they are trendy in the European market, especially in the United States.

In addition, a quality cup of Moka bean coffee and the seed factor is also affected by other factors. It is possible that different aspects of roasting, preserving, or preparing coffee will bring slightly different feelings about coffee flavor.

Outstanding features of premium Moka coffee

Moka is known as the “queen” of coffee because of the quintessence it brings to the audience. This premium Moka coffee is also very popular with connoisseurs, so it is considered the main ingredient in today’s coffee shops.

The standard roasting method will accentuate the distinctive flavor of Moka coffee.

As mentioned above, Moka captivates coffee lovers thanks to its elegant, noble, and fruity scent. Perhaps, thanks to being grown at extremely high latitudes, in places where the climate is cold, with the golden sunshine in the day and the dew at night, it has given Moka such a different, ecstatic taste.

Moka bean coffee, when roasted medium, will have a sour taste mixed with mild bitterness, light brown watercolor, clear amber. If burned to about 245 o C, the natural oil in Moka beans will be secreted, making the taste of coffee gradually become more affluent, the coffee body will be revealed more robust and fragrant, indescribably attractive.

How to identify quality Cau Dat Moka coffee?

Moka Cau Dat coffee has a light aroma and a sour taste in terms of taste. Moka coffee is only suitable for growing in Cau Dat because of the right climate and terrain elevation regarding the cultivation place. In terms of plant characteristics, Cau Dat Moka has a light gray body, piled roots, and leaves have a small canopy and are symmetrical on both sides. The ability to resist pests and take a lot of care, the fruit is also less than other types of coffee. Moka coffee berries will have a light green color glossy skin; the color will gradually turn red like a tomato when ripe.

How to enjoy Moka coffee

There are two ways to enjoy Moka coffee. You can use pure Moka coffee beans and prepare them by Pour over, Moka pot… to feel the coffee’s full fruity, sweet taste.

How to make coffee with a Moka pot.

Besides, you can also mix it with Robusta coffee to make a filter. With this blend, you can take advantage of the bitter taste of Robusta coffee combined with the aroma and fruity taste of Moka coffee.

Usually, a combined cup of Moka coffee will have the following proportions:

  1. 70% Moka and 30% Robusta
  2. 30% Moka and 70% Robusta

Mixing method 1: This ratio will give the coffee a new and more attractive taste.

Mix 2: This harmonious combination will create a full cup of coffee with a robust bitter taste strong aroma, creating a unique style for the person to enjoy.

In particular, using pure Moka coffee beans to make a filter according to the traditional brewing method will give a unique flavor and aroma superior to other coffee lines on the market.


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