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High-Quality Instant Coffee Supplier: Helena Coffee Vietnam Processing & Export | Helena., JSC, established in 2016, is a Vietnamese coffee exporter. After years of development, we have become one of Vietnam’s specialty coffee producers and exporters in the global market. We specialize in producing Vietnamese coffee products: green coffee, instant coffee beans, coffee roasters, and other coffee products. This article will introduce Helena Coffee – A high-quality instant coffee supplier.  

I. What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee or instant coffee is a beverage derived from coffee in the form of coffee powder and pre-seasoned to taste and processed by the dry roasting method. Instant coffee can be used immediately by making it with boiling water and stirring well. This coffee is very convenient to use, can be stored for a long time, and is easy to use.

Instant coffee appeared on the market in the 1950s and has grown rapidly to become one of the most popular types of coffee. Globally, instant coffee always generates a stable revenue of over 20 billion USD, which is equivalent to the revenue of coffee shop chains.

II. High-Quality Instant Coffee Products

1. Instant spray-dried coffee

Spray-dried instant coffee uses the spray drying method, which dries coffee powder quickly at high temperatures to make a fine powder that dissolves easily even in cold water. In this method, the concentrated coffee solution is pushed into the top of the cyclone spray tower. Hot, dry air is then blown into the chamber. The hot air circulation separates the water, drying the mist coffee into a dry, fine powder.

Powder that is dry and fine, dark brown or light brown, loose and loose powder without lumps, and packed in jars, bags, bags, or cartons.

The pros and cons of spray-dried instant coffee are as follows:

  • Advantages: A reasonable price
  • Disadvantages: High heat drying makes it easy for coffee to lose its unique smell, and it doesn’t taste as good as cold drying.
  • Feature:

– Color: Typical brown color

– Taste: Fruit, sour

– Flavor: Floral, Chocolate

  • Expiry date: 24 months
  • Net Weight: 25kg

  • Ingredient: 100% Arabica coffee, 100% Robusta Coffee, Blend
  • Appearance: Granules
  • Caffeine content: >= 2%
  • Moisture: ≤ 5%
  • Ash Content: ≤ 7.5%
  • PH Acidity: 4.9-5.3
  • Aqueous extract : ≥ 96%
  • Density: 210-260
  • Total Plate Count ( CFU/g): 10,000 max
  • Yeast & Mold ( CFU/g): 200 max
  • Coliforms /g: 10 max

2. Freeze-dried instant coffee

The cold-drying method is used to make freeze-dried instant coffee. This is a modern method that keeps the highest standards of coffee quality and quality. In this method, the coffee solution will be quickly cooled to -40°C to make ice crystals.

This is done through a process called sublimation, in which solids turn into vapors. The ice is then separated from the crystals, and the dry beans that are left are instant coffee in granule form.

The main ways to tell it apart are that it is granular, has a characteristic light or dark brown color, and comes in jars, bags, bags, or cartons.
The pros and cons of freeze-dried instant coffee are as follows:

  • Advantages: Color, flavor, taste, quality stability, and solubility are all kept in full.
  • Cons: There is a standard way to make it, and it costs a lot to run, so the prices are higher than with spray drying. This means that it is processed or used as a high-end instant coffee, and it is made less often by spray drying.

III. Helena Coffee produces high-quality instant coffee

Helena Coffee is a high-quality instant coffee supplier. Three processes are involved in the dehydrating process that results in tiny grains of coffee. They are pre-stripping, soluble coffee solids, and drying.


In production, instant coffee is made from coffee combined with other ingredients such as sugar, and cream of vegetable milk to create 2in1, 3in1, and 4in1 coffee lines… Coffee is selected from beans. High-quality green coffee (raw coffee beans) is dusted and cleaned. From there, coffee beans are roasted and then ground into a powder to make a filter or processed into instant coffee.

1. First stage reduction

Before reducing solutes, volatile compounds are removed. Usually, this is done by passing steam through the roasted and ground coffee.

2. Reducing coffee solutes

Water is used as a solvent. Dissolved substances can be reduced in three ways: filter reduction (percolation batteries), drop by a “counter-current system”, and mixed method (slurry extraction).

  • Filter reduction method:

The coffee is kept in a pipe system. Then hot water is passed through the system and removes the dissolved substances in the coffee. These substances are separated from the system, and the coffee after extraction is discharged.

  • Reduction method by “backwater” system:

Coffee is kept in an inclined chute and then pushed upwards by two high-speed rotating nails. Hot water is then introduced into the upper part of the chute, causing the coffee solubles to be reduced and the solution to escape through the bottom of the chute.

  • De-mixing method:

Coffee and water are mixed in a tank and then separated by a centrifugal pump.

3. Drying

There are two main methods of drying: freeze drying and spray drying:

  •  Freeze-drying

In this method, the water in the coffee evaporates, leaving a solution with a high concentration of coffee. The answer is then cooled to -40oC, producing ice crystals. Thanks to the process of sublimation (the solid turns into a vapour), the rock is separated from the crystal. The remaining dry beans are freeze dried instant coffee.

  • Spray drying method

After natural evaporation, the concentrated coffee solution is sprayed from a high tower into a chamber containing hot air. The hot circulation in this chamber separates the water from the solution and leaves the dry coffee grounds.

IV. Helena Coffee Vietnam Processed Coffee 


Coffee is selected with almost 100% ripe fruit from leading farms in Central Highlands. The USDA Organic certification on our products signifies they were planted, harvested, and processed with great environmental care that preserves or enhances the ecosystem. This includes wetlands, woodland, and wildlife conservation.

With a variety of other clean coffee products for you to choose from. Dedicated, fast, stable quality service with the principle of “WIN-WIN STRATEGY” – is the most practical motto of HELENA COFFEE. Looking forward to cooperating with customers nationwide, agents, export brokers, and individuals.

1. Contact Info

For more information, please contact at:
🏤 Company office:  124 Ngo Quyen, Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak, Vietnam
📱 Phone number (Whatsapp/Telegram): +84 789 818 828 (Mr. An) / +84 262 392 8688
📬 E-mail: helenacoffee.jsc@gmail.com
🌎 Website:  helenacoffee.vn

2. Certifications

Fair Trade Certified

The Fair Trade Certification seeks to increase welfare for small farming families and communities by safeguarding ethical trade practices at every stage in the supply chain. A Fair Trade Certification guarantees a minimum market price for all Fair Trade coffee plus a $0.20 premium per pound.
All Fair Trade premiums are designated for social, economic, and environmental development projects democratically elected by each community based on the greatest need.

USDA Organic Certified

The USDA Organic certification on our products signifies they were planted, harvested, and processed with great environmental care that preserves or enhances the ecosystem. This includes wetlands, woodland, and wildlife conservation.

Synthetic fertilizers, sewage waste, irradiation, and genetic engineering are strictly forbidden. USDA Organic coffee also averages a $.0255 per pound increase in the market price for coffee producers.

RainForest Alliances Certified

The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal ensures that our coffee is regularly audited to meet strict social, environmental, and economic sustainability standards.

These standards promote and continuously improve biodiversity, natural resource conservation, effective planning, farm management systems, livelihoods, and human well-being.

Direct Trade Certified

Direct trade means we have a one-on-one relationship with the farmers we source from. Their coffee comes straight from the farms to us, without any middlemen.

The direct trade model ensures farmers get paid a higher premium for their crops, and we can set a higher quality standard. Because there are no intermediaries, farmers gain a more significant return on selling their coffee.

3. Reason picked us – Helena Coffee

In the current market, we are fully aware that it is essential for a savvy consumer like you to inquire about costs, services, and after-sales options from suppliers. If you’re still on the fence, let us explain why you should select us as your provider. Helena Coffee Vietnam is proud to be one of the top instant manufacturers and coffee wholesale from Vietnam, we supply instant coffee inquire, green coffee inquire, coffee beans inquire, and black coffee supplier.

Come to Helena Coffee, where you will find a team of competent staff members eager, attentive, and ready to serve you and address your queries. We always offer the highest quality products at the most precise, aggressive pricing.

We’ll adjust the pricing as needed and periodically monitor the market to give clients the best deal possible on each product. In choosing us as your provider, hopefully, the justifications mentioned above will give you more confidence and trust.


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